Golf For Seniors

Golf For Seniors

As a golfer, you need to try different golf courses to have a variety in your game.

Golf For Seniors A new site to the Internet is the Senior Golf Guild where senior golfers review golf courses and they report their findings. This is a new adventure that started back in 2004.

The idea of the Senior Golf Guild is to report if the golf courses are friendly to the senior golfer and what they offer as far services and ease of using the golf course.

For seniors starting their retirement years and want a good game of golf, this site will be a benefit when looking for golf courses that are senior friendly. Golfers, you can just review golf courses and help others choose a course that is just right for them.

The idea behind this rating system is to show golfers good courses to play at, but also to address issues with golf courses that seniors might want to play, but they are not senior friendly.

Whether this is a good thing or dreadful thing is a matter of opinion. If you are a golfer and happen to be a senior, you might want to experience courses the way they are instead of having improvements.

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