Is Marriage Still Fashionable?

Is Marriage Still Fashionable?

9 Steps For Planning The Perfect

Is Marriage Still Fashionable?9 Steps for Planning the Perfect Wedding – He asked the big question so now you’re both happily engaged and looking forward to the future.

Once you meet your new families and formally announce your engagement, you need to start planning your wedding extravaganza.

To avoid being Bridezilla, consider the following 9 steps to stay organized no matter how large or small your wedding is:

1. Select a Wedding Theme

From garden to destination to princess to western, there are a variety of different wedding themes. Choose your theme so you can choose wedding attire and accessories accordingly. Your stationery, location, accessories, and attire should reflect the unique theme of your wedding day.

2. Create a Budget

Determine how much money you have to spend on your wedding and stick to the budget to ensure success. If you’re on a tight budget, there are many creative ideas online and in magazines to have the best for less. Don’t vary from your budget because then you will be forced to compromise in a rush towards the end of your wedding plans. Spend time consistently and thoughtfully as you plan your wedding to avoid budget disasters. This is also excellent practice for married life together.

3. Get a Location

You need a venue for your wedding ceremony and reception. When you plan your wedding a week or two years in advance, a location is where everything begins. Find out what the location may include such as flowers or music, so you know what you’re responsible for. Get a list of rules so you can share them with your service providers.

4. Secure Service Providers

Get providers based on your needs such as a photographer, band, musician, limousine driver, florist, hairdresser, makeup artist and wedding planner. Good service providers book up quickly so make appointments to meet with them in advance.

5. Shop for Attire

Select gowns, shoes, head attire, tuxedos and accessories for the bride, groom and wedding party well in advance so orders and alternations may be done in a timely manner. Give yourself ample time to find everything you want and to make changes if necessary.

6. Order Themed Wedding Accessories and Favors

You may want to get monogrammed wedding accessories and wedding favors for your guest, which could take extra time. Order these items well in advance so you know you’re ready for the big day. Remember personalized items such as a flower girl basket, ring bearer pillow, toasting set, cake serving set and cake topper.

7.Create a Master Planning List

Just like you create a guest list or a seating chart, create a master planning list to include every element of your wedding ceremony and reception. Much like building a house without a blueprint, a great wedding can’t be done without a master planning list to keep you organized.

8.Enlist Assistance

You need help and should enlist assistance from your wedding party and family to plan the details of your special day. Trying to do everything alone will leave you too exhausted to enjoy your wedding.

9. Make Honeymoon Plans

Book your honeymoon and make travel arrangements in advance to ensure you go away to your dream destination after the wedding reception, or a day or two later.

Getting married is a romantic, special occasion that you will remember for the rest of your life. With proper planning, you can create a personalized wedding celebration that reflects the uniqueness of the love you share.

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