Fun With Telescopes

Fun With Telescopes

Fun With Telescopes In 1609, an Italian mathematician named Galileo Galilee peered through an odd new device he had invented to look at the stars in the night sky. Suddenly, this well-known and familiar place revealed itself as a barely exposed mystery. It was then that Galileo knew this was a groundbreaking device.

The moon is a gray-white orb to the naked eye. Looking through this new instrument, Galileo was able to see shadows and bright spots on the surface of the moon. He could see that the moon also had mountains and valleys.

At the time, the planets were thought to be odd stars that “wandered” the sky. Through Galileo’s device, he could see that the planets were accompanied by moving pinpoints of lights which were moons of their own!

Galileo quickly published his discoveries in a bulletin he titled “Message from the Stars”. His claims, at first, were met with wonder and excitement. He presented his new device to the leaders of the time including the Catholic Church in Rome.

In 2013, the James Webb Space Telescope will be launched and take the place of the Hubble. And this all started with the polishing of a few stones.

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  • History Of Telescopes
  • The Evolution of The Telescope
  • Historical Timeline for Telescopes
  • How Telescopes Work
  • Buying A Telescope
  • Finding The Telescope That Meets Your Needs
  • Factors To Consider When Purchasing a Telescope
  • Astronomy 101
  • Zodiac Constellations
  • Andromeda
  • Build Your Own Telescope
  • Learn How to Build Telescopes
  • Make Your Own Telescope
  • Eyepieces For Telescopes
  • Why Using a Telescope Building Kit Is Convenient?
  • Learn About Our Universe Using Telescopes
  • Basic Tips for Using Telescopes
  • Understanding The Value of Telescope Lens
  • Achromatic Versus Apochromatic Lenses in Telescopes
  • Why You Should Consult a Telescope Review
  • Read About The 14″ LX200R Through a Telescope Review
  • Learn Why That Telescope Review of LX200R Raves About It
  • Tasco 48t Telescope
  • How The Hubble Telescope Was Almost Never Launched into Space
  • Telescope Photos
  • Space Telescope Photos
  • Hubble Telescope Photos
  • Telescope Accessories
  • Meade Telescope Accessories
  • Celestron Nexstar 80 Telescope Accessories
  • Different Types of Telescopes
  • Optical Telescope
  • Galileo’s Telescope
  • Large Binocular Telescope
  • Reflecting Telescopes
  • Refracting Telescopes
  • Smaller Telescopes
  • The Best Telescopes Out There
  • Optical Features of Telescopes
  • Telescope Mounts
  • Homemade Telescope Roof Mount
  • Telescope for Kids
  • Telescope Advice for Beginners
  • Using A Telescope
  • What Your Telescope Can Do
  • Viewing The Night Sky with A Telescope
  • Viewing Deep Sky Objects and Comets
  • Looking at Globular Clusters
  • Astrophotography
  • Current Astronomy News for The Sky and Telescope

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