Understanding the Basics of Film Making

Understanding the Basics of Film Making

Audio is one of those things that you have to have for your movie but don’t want to really think about.

You want it to just magically happen and let’s face it, nothing in filmmaking happens “magically”. It might look that way, but it doesn’t. What you need is a good audiophile, somebody that loves to hold a boom with a microphone on the end of it.

You can look for someone talented with sound or you can figure it out yourself. I suggest that you get at least 2 decent remote mics that synchronize with your camera. While your camera may have sound it is usually bad.

The remote mics can be worn on the body of the actor. These will work adequately but proper mic placement is necessary.

When placing the mic on the talent use your fist with thumb extended up and pinkie extended down in the ol’ hang loose hand sign.

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