Grand Mother’s Patchwork Quilts

Grand Mothers Patchwork Quilts

Quilt Making – A Needlework Art

Here’s A collection of Patchwork Quilts that contains the favorites of Grandmother’s time. Although in that day it was strictly a necessity in the home, now days it serves not only to keep one warm, but it adds to the decorative scheme of your bedrooms or the guestroom.

You’ll find many of them easy to make such as the THREE-PATCH or ROMAN- STRIPE, the NINE PATCH, and the LOG-CABIN: and others a little more difficult but so pretty when completed like the STYLIZED FLOWER, STAR POWER, and YANKEE PRIDE.

Quilting is not only an ideal form of “pick up work” but is also a way of expressing your love for home and beauty.


Pioneering Women remembering the thrifty customs which they had observed in European Countries.




What’s Included…

Crazy Quilt

Dresden Plate

Log Cabin

Patchwork and Applique

Yankee Pride

Stylized Flower

Friendship Quilt

Black-eyed – Susan

Star Flower

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