Understanding the Basics of Quilting

Understanding the Basics of Quilting

Appliqué is a quilting technique which involves applying layering one fabric above another and sewing it on.

The term appliqué comes from the French word appliquer, which is a French verb meaning “to put on.”

Even though the word comes from the French, the technique has been used in many cultures and throughout history, with the earliest examples of appliqué being found thousands of years ago.

Learning the uses and how-to of appliqué will expand the possibilities of quilting enormously for you. Appliqué is a versatile technique which is useful for design options regular quilting can’t accomplish.

The first step in learning appliqué is selecting a design. Small, intricate shapes will not work well for this technique, at least not when you are first learning.

Start with a simple shape for your beginning appliqué project. Something basic like a circle or heart will serve you well for your first attempt.

In order to create a pattern for your appliqué design, many people choose freezer paper because it is stiff without being too thick.

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