Home Based Cake Decorating Business

Home Based Cake Decorating Business

Cash In On A Million Dollar Empire By Creating Your Home Based Cake Decorating Business, Quickly – Easily, Guaranteed!

“Professional Cake Decorator Reveals Her Secrets To Generating A 6-Figure Income From A Simple Home-Based Cake Decorating Business!”

From: Coyalita
Date: July 4th, 2023

Dear Friend,

Hundreds of stay-at-home mom’s are working full time from their homes baking and decorating cakes for a living. It’s a fun and profitable business to be in, as well as one of the lowest cost start-ups!

Imagine being able to make thousands of dollars a week from simple cake decorating. You could cater to weddings, birthdays, local events.. while generating a steady income from the comfort of your own home.

Set your own hours, be your own boss.. the Cake Decorating Business guide reveals the secrets to developing your own cost effective, in demand cake decorating business, so you can be up and running in as a little as 7 days!

Even those with absolutely no experience have been able to set up popular home based cake decorating businesses in a short amount of time.

As a stay-at-home mom, I struggled for years to find a business model that was suitable to my lifestyle. I wasn’t able to dedicate full time hours to an online business, and I didn’t have a lot of money to invest in risky business ventures.

So, when my friend Cindy approached me about the possibility of starting a home-based cake decorating service, I jumped at the opportunity. She had been involved in baking and decorating for many years and had decided to quit her day job and pursue a venture of her own.. with me on board!

I was shocked at just how easy it was to set up the entire business in less than a couple of weeks, and the investment costs were so low that we were able to take a bit of extra money and advertise our business locally.

Within a few days, we were booked solid with orders and three years later, we are still running strong as the #1 decorating service in our town!

And the greatest part of all of this, is that I had absolutely NO experience decorating cakes!

Of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without Cindy as my mentor, and for the first time ever, she has agreed to write down every strategy and insider trade secret she knows about starting a home-based cake decorating business from start to finish!

In fact, the eBook is such a definitive resource for those wishing to start their own cake decorating business that I guarantee you won’t need additional guides to get started!

Starting A Cake Decorating Business Is Not Only One Of The Lowest Cost Start-Ups, But It’s Virtually RISK FREE!

No experience required. Simply follow our step-by-step instructions to creating your very own home-based cake decorating business.


Minimal start-up costs. Our guide will show you exactly how to save hundreds of dollars on start-up costs and develop a successful business plan, effortlessly!


Regardless of your location, you can run a successful cake decorating service from your home kitchen. NO need for bakery rentals, expensive leases or hassle!

This works for the inexperienced, those on a shoestring budget, those who are brand new to starting a home-based business – you name it, it doesn’t matter… YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL!

Take the guesswork out of launching a cake decorating business by following the proven strategies revealed by a professional cake decorating business owner!

Whether you have always dreamed of being your own boss, setting your own schedules or you have children and wish to be at home with them, starting a cake decorating business is a very worthwhile and lucrative industry to be a part of and with this information you will be given a behind the scenes look at how many other women, just like you, got started and quickly became a success.

Within A Few Minutes From Now, You Will Be On Your Way Towards Building A Profitable Cake Decorating Business!

Here are just a few of the many aspects covered in the guide:

Complete step by step instructions on how to set up, promote and maintain your home-based cake decorating business from a successful cake decorator! (This information would cost you an absolute fortune if you hired a personal consultant.)


Save time and money by avoiding the most common mistakes that are made when first starting a cake decorating business and learn how to jump-start your home-based business quickly and easily.


Find out how you can avoid paying unnecessary costs and save yourself thousands of dollars in the process! These insider secrets are not contained in any other guide! (See Page 40 for details)


Find out how you can generate thousands of dollars in pure profit on your first week with proven marketing strategies that won’t cost you a fortune! (Page 56)


Discover exactly how a 6-figure cake decorator beat out the competition quickly and easily while advertising on a shoestring budget! The “big bakeries” were scrambling to figure out exactly how she did it! (Page 23)


Set up your entire business legally, without having to pay costly lawyer fees! We’ll reveal the exact strategy we used to protect our business and ensure it was 100% legal! (See Page 52)


Follow a proven strategy to getting MORE done in less time and be able to take additional orders that make you MORE money! (See Page 82)

And MUCH More!

The Cake Decorating Business guide is a whopping 117-page blueprint to building a successful home-based business. We leave absolutely nothing out. Once you have a copy in your hands, you will know exactly what you need to do to hit the ground running!

Minimize your start-up costs and avoid mistakes by taking my detailed guide and following along with me as I take you through every step of the process. Save time and money by purchasing only the essentials and maximize your efforts so that they begin to make you money on day one – opening day!

With our home-based cake decorating business plan, you will be able to successfully start your home-based career that puts you in complete control of your schedule, your prices and essentially, your life!

Within days of launching my home-based business I was receiving more calls than I could handle, and the amazing flexibility and freedom of being able to set my own schedules while being home for my kids was something I honestly would never trade for anything in the world. I’ve been spoiled to the lifestyle and cannot imagine EVER returning to a regular “j-o-b”.

You’ll feel the exact same way, too, once you discover just how ridiculously easy it is to set up an entire home-based cake decorating business with MINIMAL start-up costs involved!

My only regret? Not having started my home-based business sooner.

Now it’s your turn to experience the kind of freedom of running your very own home-based business!

Here Is What’s NOT Involved:

  • No Previous Experience
  • No Hefty Investment
  • No Existing Contacts
  • No Existing Inventory
  • No Hired Help Required
  • No Hassles!

Click Here To Start Your Own Business, Now!

Credit Card or Paypal Accepted – Secure Purchase
You will gain instant access to the complete guide.

Here’s what just a few of my customers have said about the Cake Decorating Business Secrets..

“I absolutely love your Cake Decorating Business guide! Not only has it helped me successfully set up my own home-based business, but you’ve saved me a bundle in the process!”

Thank you!,

Brenda Mahone,
Lexington, KY

It’s like hiring your own personal consultant! The information contained within your Cake Decorating Business guide is absolutely priceless!

You can tell it was written by an experienced professional, and the step-by-step format makes it a no-brainer, even for a newbie like me! The bonus guide, Frosting Perfection, is also simply fantastic.

The recipes, techniques and the included images really help make it a comprehensive, all-inclusive blueprint to frosting mastery.

I highly recommend this to ANYONE who wants a definitive guide on developing a successful cake decorating business!”

Val Evans,
Toronto, Canada

“Grab it, use it and build your successful business faster and easier than you ever could on your own. This is hands-down, the very best guide to developing a cake decorating business from home.

Best of all, with the insightful tidbits from a professional business owner, you can use these strategies to build ANY home-based business under the sun.

This is quite simply, the best quick-start guide to creating a successful home-based business online!”

Lisa Keepings,
Florida, USA

And to make that decision even easier for you, I’ll remove ALL risks involved by offering by iron clad, money back guarantee… check it out:

100% Money Back Guarantee Offer!

I’m so confident that the Cake Decorating Business Secrets guide will provide you with the information and tools you need to set up a successful home-based cake decorating business, that I’m willing to offer you a 100% risk free, money back guarantee – no questions asked.

After reading the complete blueprint, if you feel that you aren’t satisfied with the information, I will gladly refund 100% of the money you paid. There is absolutely no excuse not to seize the opportunity to create your very own successful business.

It’s easy to get started right away. Just click here and you can have immediate (and unlimited) access to this incredible resource.

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Remember, this discount will not last long so ACT NOW while you still have the chance..

To your success,


PS. An opportunity like this doesn’t come by all that often. If you truly want to give yourself the gift of financial freedom and become your own boss, you need this cake decorating business guide. It’s a complete blueprint to starting a home based decorating service that WILL work for you, guaranteed!

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Regards, Coyalita


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