48 Hour $480 A Month T- Shirt Biz

48 Hour $480 A Month T- Shirt Biz

48 Hour $480 A Month T- Shirt Biz – This writing is essentially a quick start guide to brainstorming, branding, creating, and launching your own profitable t-shirt business in less than 48 hours, while spending no more than 48 Dollars to do it.

In this method I am going to teach you how to get a lot of work done in a short period of time. Successful people get things done fast, and money is attracted to speed.

The way to profit in 2023 is with rapid startup, autonomous processes and exponential scale. I am going to show you how you can apply these principles in creating a profitable T-shirt business in just 48 hours that will earn you $480 or more monthly.

I created this write up because I hate seeing t-shirt startup entrepreneurs pumping so much time, energy and cash into their businesses only to see them fail after years of wasted time and thousands of dollars down the drain with no profit to show for it.

If you follow this guide you will learn about the major pitfalls of the t-shirt business, how to avoid those obstacles and how to actually leverage them to your advantage.

This reading is for anyone who has tried to start a t-shirt business, is looking to start a t-shirt business, or has a t-shirt business but looking to make it more profitable quickly. And for anybody who is looking to create a profitable business in 48 hours for less than 48 Dollars.

NO ONE should not follow through with the following information. Listen, learn, take action and I can guarantee you will see recurring income from this method month after month.

So, let’s get down to it here. We’re going to learn how to brainstorm, brand, create, and launch your own profitable t-shirt business now.

We’re going to cover each component of launching a successful T-shirt business in 12-hour segments. Each segment will require a 12-hour commitment of your time and attention. The end of each 12-hour segment will mark the completion of a vital part of your t-shirt business.

By the ned of all four 12-hour segments you will have created and launched a profitable t-shirt business for less than 48 dollars.

Hours 0 to 12 will cover brainstorming ideas for your t-shirt business name. The first segment also involves market research and targeting a niche demographic to sell your t-shirts to.

In this stage we will determine not only the general name and direction of your t-shirt business but also ensure it will be profitable by performing a few simple keyword-based market analyst to make sure there is someone that will be looking to buy your t-shirts.

Hours 12 to 24 (optional) are dedicated to naming, branding, and positioning your t-shirt brand. By the end of hour twenty-four you will have a brand identity intact complete with logo and basic offline marketing materials in hand.

Hours 24 to 36 will focus on creating your actual t-shirt designs as well as creating and populating your t-shirt business eStore front with your designs.

This stage will teach you how to take advantage of the print on demand t-shirt industry to create thousands of t-shirts that can be printed on demand per each customer that orders.

There will be zero risk for printing too many shirts as each shirt will be printed and delivered within as little as 5 business days to the customers door without you having to front even a dime of cash and zero dollars in expensive overhead such as office space, printing equipment, or t-shirt stock.

Hours 36 to 48 involve launching and marketing your new t-shirt business via social media and organic search engine optimization.

In this chapter we will show you how to effectively market your t-shirts and instantly receive tons of free traffic from Wanelo, Twitter, and Pinterest to your t-shirt businesses e-commerce store front.

Brainstorming And Market Research

When it comes to thinking of names for your t-shirt business it’s important to not “over think” it. The goal here for the 48 t-shirt model is not to create a cool sounding hip t-shirt brand.

The goal is to sell t-shirts. That being said let’s pick a very specific niche to work within and name our brand within the vocabulary of that specific niche.

Later we will discuss how we are going to leverage the power of certain print on demand sites to launch our brand which will also be providing the eCommerce store front for our brand but for now just remember four letters. KISS which stands for keep it simple stupid!

We are not looking to create the world’s best branded t-shirt company, we are looking to sell t-shirts fast, and go from idea to implementation in as little time as possible.

First step: Identify A T-Shirt Niche

When you are identifying a t-shirt niche for your t-shirt company you can use tools such as google keyword planner to determine if a certain t-shirt keyword is going to have enough volume to give you a good number of sales.

Simply sign up for a google AdWords account and take advantage of using the google keyword planner to research keywords around your niche.

One dirty little trick I use is a tool called SEM RUSH. SEM Rush allows you to research websites and the keywords they rank for. To do this you may need an SEM Rush premium account, but it is not required.

Personally, my method is to research POD sites such as skreened.com, red bubble, society6, and cafe press for their top google ranking keywords and then create my t-shirt brands around these keywords.

Here are a few examples I’ve pulled from my personal research to share with you …

1. obama shirts
2. nerd shirts
3. muscle shirts
4. geek t shirts
5. firefighter t shirts
6. tattoo shirts
7. supernatural shirts
8. math t shirts
9. animal t shirts
10. basketball shirts

11. unicorn shirts
12. class of 2014 shirts
13. cat t shirts
14. military t shirts
15. bridesmaids shirts
16. swag t-shirts
17. birthday boy shirts
18. science t-shirts
19. country shirts
20. teacher shirts

All of these shirts have relatively high search volume and relatively low SEO competition.

This is important because later we will be leveraging the good SEO of certain print on demand t-shirt drop shippers to get us ranked on google in a very short period of time.

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Second Step: Decide on a Name

CHAPTER TWO HOURS TWELVE TO TWENTY FOUR Branding, and positioning your t-shirt brand.

Creating your t-shirt designs and e-inventory.

Promote and profit


This method originally made me around $480 in the first month on skreened.com. As you rank higher, create more niche t-shirt shops and scale your t-shirt empire you will see your profits grow 20-100% every month depending on how much work you decide to put in and how many quality t-shirts you can create.

The bottom line is, you now have a tool to create an unlimited number of niche t-shirt shops. The “Shotgun Spray” method in full force so go out, use the keyword research XL Empire provides you with and create as many niche t-shirt shops as possible.

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