The Indian Cookery Book

The Indian Cookery Book

John Bickers and Dagny


  • 1.—Boiled Rice
  • 2.—Rice Conjee
  • 3.—Rice Kheer
  • 4.—Pish-Pash
  • 5.—Bhoonee Kitcheeree
  • 6.—Bhoonee Kitcheeree of the Mussoor or Red Dal is
    made according to recipe No. 5.
  • 7.—Bhoonee Kitcheeree of the Moong or Small-grain
    Yellow Dal is made according to recipe No. 5.
  • 8.—Bhoonee Kitcheeree of the Gram or Chunna Dal
  • 9.—Bhoonee Kitcheeree of Green Peas
  • 10.—Jurrud or Yellow-tinted Kitcheeree
  • 11.—Geela Kitcheeree
  • 12.—Chicken Pellow
  • 13.—Beef, Mutton, or Kid Pellow
  • 14.—Prawn Pellow
  • 15.—Lobster or Fish Pellow
  • 16.—Chicken Curry
  • 17.—Kid Curry
  • 18.—Veal Curry
  • 19.—Mutton Curry
  • 20.—Beef Curry
  • 21.—Green Duck Curry
  • 22.—Young Pigeon Curry
  • 23.—Chicken Doopiaja
  • 24.—Kid Doopiaja
  • 25.—Veal Doopiaja
  • 26.—Mutton Doopiaja
  • 27.—Beef Doopiaja
  • 28.—Duck Doopiaja
  • 29.—Doopiaja of Pigeons
  • 30.—Cold Boiled Pork Doopiaja
  • + Many More

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