Handbook of Meat Processing

Handbook of Meat Processing

Handbook of Meat Processing – For centuries, meat and its derived products have constituted some of the most important foods consumed in many countries around the world.

Despite this important role, there are few books dealing with meat and its processing technologies. This book provides the reader with an extensive description of meat processing, giving the latest advances in technologies, manufacturing processes,
and tools for the effective control of safety and quality during processing.

To achieve this goal, the book contains 31 chapters distributed in three parts. The first part deals with the description of meat chemistry, its quality for further processing, and the main technologies used in meat processing, such as decontamination, aging, freezing, curing, emulsifi cation, thermal processing, fermentation, starter cultures, drying, smoking, packaging, novel technologies, and cleaning.

The second part describes the manufacture and main characteristics of worldwide meat products such as cooked ham and sausages, bacon, canned products and p â t é , dry – cured ham, mold – ripened sausages, semidry and dry fermented sausages, restructured meats, and functional meat products.

The third part presents efficient strategies to control the sensory and safety quality of meat and meat products, including physical sensors, sensory evaluation, chemical and microbial hazards, detection of GMOs, HACCP, and quality assurance.

The chapters have been written by distinguished international experts from fifteen countries. The editor wishes to thank all the contributors for their hard work and for sharing their valuable experience, as well as to thank the production team at Wiley – Blackwell.

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Chapter 1 Chemistry and Biochemistry of Meat

Chapter 2 Technological Quality of Meat for Processing

Chapter 3 Meat Decontamination

Chapter 4 Aging/Tenderization Mechanisms

Chapter 5 Freezing/Thawing

Chapter 6 Curing

Chapter 7 Emulsification

Chapter 8 Thermal Processing

Chapter 9 Fermentation: Microbiology and Biochemistry

Chapter 10 Starter Cultures for Meat Fermentation

Chapter 11 Drying

Chapter 12 Smoking

Chapter 13 Meat Packaging

Chapter 14 Novel Technologies for Microbial Spoilage Prevention

Chapter 15 Plant Cleaning and Sanitation

Part II Products

Chapter 16 Cooked Ham

Chapter 17 Cooked Sausages

Chapter 18 Bacon

Chapter 19 Canned Products and P â t é

Chapter 20 Dry – Cured Ham

Chapter 21 Mold – Ripened Sausages

Chapter 22 Semidry and Dry Fermented Sausages

Chapter 23 Restructured Whole – Tissue Meats

Chapter 24 Functional Meat Products

Part III Controls 

Chapter 25 Physical Sensors for Quality Control during Processing

Chapter 26 Sensory Evaluation of Meat Products

Chapter 27 Detection of Chemical Hazards

Chapter 28 Microbial Hazards in Foods: Food – Borne Infections and Intoxications

Chapter 29 Assessment of Genetically Modifi ed Organisms ( GMO ) in Meat Products by PCR

Chapter 30 HACCP: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

Chapter 31 Quality Assurance


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