Internet Marketing Cookery

Internet Marketing Cookery

Bake Your Online Success with Easy-To-Use Recipes


What a bold title, eh?

Funny too, don’t you think?

But this is more than just your mother’s cookbook, dear friend

This is more than just a collection of recipes that would solve your dilemma regarding what to serve for Thanksgiving dinner.

This is actually a cookbook that could change your life!

Allow me to explain, please.

You’ve heard so many stories throughout the years, about people quitting their day jobs because they’re earning thousands, even millions, on the Internet.

You’ve heard stories about business empires being built in mere months with their roots traceable to their online success.

You probably researched these stories to verify their authenticity. And what you discovered made you want to follow their footsteps.

The problem is: you don’t know where to start.

You could forget about that problem, my dear future Internet  Marketer. This cookbook which you are reading is THE first step towards building a very profitable online career.

Soon, people will be reading your success story. And if fortunes would prevail, people will also be reading how you built a business empire out of virtually nothing.

I understand your current plight.

I know how difficult it is to scramble for every bit of information regarding Internet Marketing, only to get more confused with every detail that you manage to find.

I know how difficult it is to read about techniques on how to maximize profits from affiliate programs when you don’t even have any idea what affiliate programs are.

I know how difficult it is to read about the possible earnings in different online ventures when you don’t even know how to get paid.

I know how difficult it is to distinguish between product creation and product marketing, between RSS and blogs, between basic resale rights and master resale rights, when no one even taught you the basics.

I know how it feels, because I’ve been there before.

I had to teach myself how to survive in this online jungle, and when I learned that, I had to teach myself how to thrive in this business.

And I am quite proud of what I have accomplished. And I am equally proud of the fact that I am one of those people whose online success you have probably read about before.

But looking back makes me wonder how much easier it could have been if someone was there to teach me the basics on how to make money online, if someone showed me a step-by-step process on how to make it big in this playing field.

The thought inspired me to share with you what I have learned and mastered in recent years. But there’s one small problem. What is the simplest and most interesting way that can be used to teach you how to make money on the Internet?

That’s when it struck me.

You see, dear friend, online success is very similar to cooking. You need the right ingredients, the right directions, and the right timing. And if you’re patient, you’ll have a truly delectable dish that your entire family could savor and enjoy.

If making money online is akin to cooking, then the best way to teach you mechanics is through a series of recipes detailing what you will need and giving you simple instructions on how to proceed.

And so, we have this cookbook.

A cookbook that could make you earn more income than your current employment could offer.

A cookbook that could allow you to spend more time at home with your family.

A cookbook that could plant the seeds of your future business empire.

A cookbook that could change your life!

Let me be the learned chef and I shall take you in as my apprentice. I’ll teach you the basics and show you the ropes. I will make things easy for you to understand, and I will share with you some secrets that will ensure your victory in this ballgame.

And you will succeed as much as I have.

So, prepare your apron and your cooking hat, dear friend. We’re going to have a blast!

– John Delavera


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