Wedding Budget Made Easy

Wedding Budget Made Easy

Planning A Wedding on A Budget

Cheap weddings: It sounds like an oxymoron in so many ways, doesn’t it? Well, get over it because that is the future of wedding planning. Spending your life savings on your big day is not simply crazy it is insanely idiotic.

You can have elegant, beautiful weddings and receptions without having to go broke in the process. Today’s couple knows that weddings on a budget just make more sense than spending like crazy.

That and the days when the bride’s parents pay for everything are about over. Nowadays couples often spend their own money on the wedding as many of them live together long before the wedding day.

Cheap weddings don’t have to mean that you must give up on style or sentimentality. It means using your imagination and using your own hands or the help of friends and family rather than paying through the roof for professionals…..


  • Planning A Wedding on A Budget
  • Hints And Tips for The Perfect Wedding
  • Using Themes to Cut Wedding Costs
  • Cheap Wedding and Reception Tips
  • How To Save Money on Audio/Video for Your Wedding
  • How To Save Money on Food for Your Wedding
  • Planning A Honeymoon, You Can Afford
  • Planning An Inexpensive Open House
  • Save Money on Wedding Invitations
  • Weddings And Gift Giving on A Budget
  • How To Have Great Hair at A Budget Price
  • Trim The Guest List to Stay Within Your Budget
  • Reception Tricks, Tips and Cutbacks
  • The Day of Your Wedding Can Save You Money
  • Save Money on Wedding Photos
  • Wedding Gifts: Understanding the Process
  • Wedding Gifts: Shopping Successfully
  • Wedding Gifts: Gifts for The Kitchen
  • Wedding Gifts: Gifts for Around the House
  • Wedding Gifts: Gifts with A Special Touch
  • Bridal Accessories for A Fairy Tale Wedding
  • Bridal Accessories for The Country Themed Wedding
  • Choosing The Bridal Accessories and Wedding Veils
  • Flowers Are a Big Part of The Bridal Accessories
  • Planning For Your Beach Bridal Accessories
  • Something Blue, Old, Borrowed and New for Your Bridal Accessories
  • Wedding Favors for A Fall Wedding
  • Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love
  • Wedding Shoes, Buying and Preparation
  • Say Your Own Vows – Personalized Wedding Vows
  • American Wedding Practices
  • Wedding Favors – Delegating Responsibility of Selecting the Best!
  • Discount Wedding Invitations
  • Fun Wedding Photo Ideas
  • Overnight Wedding Reception Idea
  • Personalized Wedding Favors
  • Shopping For Wedding Favors with Your Fiancé
  • Essential Wedding Accessories
  • Wedding Crashers – How to Be One!
  • How To Select the Perfect Wedding Dress
  • Wedding Gift Ideas
  • How To Purchase a Wedding Gown
  • Choosing The Perfect Wedding Gown
  • Wedding Cost Saving Ideas
  • Word Your Wedding Invitation with Care
  • How to Plan Your Wedding Celebrations
  • Purposes Of a Wedding Program
  • Purchasing A Wedding Ring
  • Choosing A Perfect Wedding Ring
  • Choosing The Best Wedding Songs

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