“Super-Fast Product Creation”

“Super-Fast Product Creation”

“Super-Fast Product Creation” – This one’s gonna be short and sweet! If you’ve been trying to get an online business started, but just haven’t had any success yet, have you asked yourself why?

Have you looked around, done research on the people who ARE being successful in their online businesses? If you haven’t, you SHOULD!

Take a look at people like Allen Says, Paul Myers, Anthony Blake, Willie Crawford, Bryan Kumar, Cory Rudl, John Reese, and others and see if you can find the ONE thing, they all have in common.

Let’s not waste a bunch of time on that…I’ll just tell you! They all have their own products. Sure, a lot of them are making some pretty good money telling their subscribers about other People’s products now and then, but the heart of their business was originally, and still is, built around their own products.

Does that tell you something?

Sure, there are plenty of very successful affiliate marketers out there. People who KNOW how to make that business work for them…AND…they make some GREAT money! They don’t have to put in the work to actually create a product, but believe me, the great affiliate marketers have to put in a LOT of work in order to make that great living!

But, what happens if the product you’re making all of those affiliate commissions from suddenly disappears…falls off the face of the earth?

What happens if the company starts having financial problems and can’t pay affiliate commissions? OR, as happens much more frequently, you see that $100 product you’ve been getting good commissions suddenly show up on e-Bay for $10.00!

We all know this happens, sometimes more frequently than it should. But, if you’ve built YOUR business on SOMEBODY ELSE’S product, then what can you do?

IF YOU DON‟T OWN THE PRODUCT, YOU DON‟T OWN THE BUSINESS! Conversely, if you DO own the product, you DO control what happens to YOUR business.

I’m sure you’ve thought about this…it’s NOT rocket science or brain surgery! I’m just as sure that you’ve probably made plans, or at least, had thoughts of, someday, having your own product to proudly sell to the world. But something is holding you back!

THAT‟S exactly why I’m writing this book. Over the past 6-7 years, I’ve received, literally, 1000s of emails asking me the same questions:

“Can you help me write my own e-book?” OR, “How can I do the same thing you’re doing?” OR, “I really want my own product like you, can you help me get started?”

I answered probably 99% of those emails with good, helpful advice for quite a while…but, as time went on the emails got more numerous. That’s where this book comes in!

I distilled all of that advice, all of that experience, into these pages that you hold in your hand or see on your computer monitor.

It’s the sum total of what I’d tell you if you were sitting right here in my office discussing your business with me. The advice comes from all of the mistakes I’ve made along the way…AND learned from.

It comes from my successes. It comes from my heart, because I’d TRULY like to see you succeed in your own business…I’d TRULY like to see you take control of your own future…your own family’s future.

So…if YOU really want that…control over your own destiny…you can get started by learning how to create and produce your own eBook using this guide.

Together, let’s figure out what’s holding you back, what you need to finally get started, and figure out which tools and instructions are going to get your first e-book out there where you can start making some money with it!

Hold on…things are going to get really exciting here…it’ll be fun, you’ll see!

“Super-Fast Product Creation”

ONLY $19

Regards, Coyalita


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