All Year Quilts

All Year Quilts

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Between these covers of ALL-YEAR QUILTS, you’ll find twelve complete patterns—one design for each month of year.

These designs—some well-known and others newly created—
are all suggestive of a special fact or event connected with the month it represents.

Here’s What’s Included


The January snowfalls provide an idea for a very attractive design called THE SNOWBALL. This is an easy-to-do patchwork quilt, that goes quickly and looks like “a-mint-of-money” on the bed.


This old-time favorite called the CHERRY TREE QUILT is a Martha Washington collection item, and therefore, especially appropriate for the birthday month of George Washington.

The interesting border forms an important part of this quilt. By repeating the cherry motifs and adding a gracefully curved line of green around the outer edge, the center appliqued blocks are finished off in a pretty frame.


This Shamrock Quilt is especially attractive when made in a dark shade of green and a pure white; or make it in a dark green for the Shamrocks and a lighter contrasting green for the corners with a white background for the motifs.


Here is a design that will catch and hold every eye because of its shining brightness — a Diamond Star especially nice for the month of April that has the diamond for its birthstone. The use of boldly striped fabrics combined with dainty-flowered prints add much to the beauty of this quilt.


Quilts with the Basket design—new ones and old ones—are a joy to see! This pattern has always been a favorite, and there are many varieties of simple pieced quilts which are mostly of New England origin. The May Basket motif used for this attractive coverlet provides the ideal way for using colorful scraps of left-over fabrics.


This variation of the lovely Double Wedding Ring design com¬
bines patchwork and applique. Use colorful scraps of fabric to
make the wedding ring motifs, then applique these motifs to
sparkling white blocks and finish with a border to match one
of the colors in the motifs for an eye-catching quilt.


The toy soldier and drum motifs make a delightful applique quilt to honor the Fourth of July! Add a colorful striped border and strip design to complete this cover, and the young master will give his whole-hearted approval.


Here is a design that combines the delightful Sunbonnet Sue motif with the showy Sunflower to make a very pretty appliqued coverlet for the young lady’s bed. (Or make a quilt using just the Sue or Sunflower designs — either is equally effective and eye-appealing!)


The women of yesteryear used their precious scraps of material to make delightful and eye-appealing geometrically designed quilts. Here is a pattern to honor these ladies—it is called the Pioneer Patch and will make good use of pieces of fabric left-over from the September sewing projects.


President Eisenhower’s boyhood home in Abilene, Kansas, has been restored and contains many items of interest—one in particular being a quilt (made by his Mother) of the popular Tumbling Block pattern. To honor the President’s October birthday, here is a variation of the original design.


This design, as one might guess from the name, is an old pattern dating back to Colonial times, and is especially appropriate for the month of November with its day of Thanksgiving. You’ll find this coverlet equally effective whether it’s pieced or appliqued.

ANGEL QUILT (December)

For the young lady’s crib or bed, a twinkling Angel Quilt suggestive of the Christmas Angels appearing in December. (Especially attractive if made from blue and white fabrics.)

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