Adoption Made Easy

Adoption Made Easy

Adoption is when the birth parents of a child sever all legal ties to their child, and the parental
rights are legally given over to the new adoptive family, who are strangers.

Apart from adopting a child from your own country, intercountry adoption is also available as there are also many children from international countries who need a family.

All you need to know about adoption; is it the right choice for you and your partner, or your family if you already have children?

Adoption for anyone is a selfless and wonderful act full of compassion and love.

For many unable to conceive it brings their only hope of ever having children of their own; for others it’s a choice to help someone who is less fortunate and needs their love and support.


  • All About Adoptions
  • Why You Should Choose Adoption
  • Adoption Statistics – Some Telling Facts About the Process of Adoption
  • Adoption Dos & Don’ts
  • Children Awaiting Adoption
  • Steps to Put Your Child Up for Adoption
  • Adoption Resources
  • Adoption Photo Listing
  • Adoption Records – Why Are They So Important?
  • How To Prepare for The Home Study as Part of The Adoption Process
  • Adoption Lawyers
  • Adoption Agencies
  • Choosing the Right Adoption Agency and What to Expect
  • Four Places to Help You Find the Right Adoption Agency
  • Where To Find Financial Help When Adopting a Child
  • First-time Adoption
  • Meeting Your Adoptive Child
  • Preparing The Home for An Adoptive Child – 5 Steps
  • Types of Domestic Adoption
  • The Differences Between Open and Closed Adoptions
  • Deciding Between Open and Closed Adoptions
  • Adopting Your Stepchild
  • Adopting Siblings
  • Adopting A Special Needs Child
  • Transracial Adoption
  • Adoption from Same Sex Couples
  • Public Adoption
  • International Adoption
  • The Pros and Cons of International Adoption
  • Canadians Adopting from the US
  • Russian Adoption
  • Vietnamese Adoptions
  • Adopting from China

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