Banana Cookbook

Banana Cookbook

545 Recipes

The Banana Cookbook – Hmmm… Bananas are the healthy way to go. Bananas are one of nature’s superfoods and provide a host of benefits that can promote general health. This fruit is closely associated with the mineral potassium which strengthens the cardiovascular system and can lower blood pressure.

In addition, potassium is an electrolyte that manages fluids in the body and can treat dehydration. Bananas also contain magnesium which benefits various processes within the body, including gene maintenance and protein production from amino acids. In addition, this fruit can promote healthy sleep patterns because it contains the amino acid tryptophan that can increase serotonin levels.

Serotonin helps manage moods and can fight depression. Bananas do not only have a generous serving of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids but can provide a low-fat and natural sugar alternative to regular sweets.

The fruit’s smooth texture can satisfy a craving for high-fat foods and is often used in recipes as a replacement for oil and eggs. In addition, their flavor can tame a sweet tooth and can help regulate sugar levels among diabetics and those who are trying to lose weight.

Here’s Some of the Recipes Included

Katrina’s Banana Cake
Chocolate Covered Banana Pie
Kale and Banana Smoothie
Oatmeal Banana Raisin Coconut Cookies
Orange Banana Tapioca
Banana Custard Pudding
Sour Cream Banana Coffee Cake
Chocolate Banana Cream Pie
Banana Wheat Bread
Banana Brown Sugar Pancakes
Banana Orange Bars
Banana Oat Bread Pudding
Banana Split Snack Cake
Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie
Blueberry and Banana Cream Cheese Pie
Chocolate Banana Muffins
Banana Berry Smoothie II
Fig and Banana Loaf
Banana Pudding Squares
Banana Nut Oatmeal
Banana Stuffed French Toast
Easy Banana Brownies
Banana Rice Pudding
Banana Rum Biscotti
Banana Strawberry Smoothie
Cranberry Pumpkin Banana Bread
Janine’s Best Banana Bread
Amazing Banana Sorbet
Banana Cream Pie with Chocolate Lining
Banana Layer Cake
No-Sugar-Added Blueberry and Banana Wheat Muffins
Banana Cake II
Banana Trifle
Lighter Banana Muffins
Blueberry Banana Salad
Banana Nut Coconut Cake
Banana Pudding Dessert
Banana Toffee Cream
Strawberry-Banana Gelatin Salad
Banana Split Oat Bran Pancakes
Banana Nut Frosting
Chocolate-Banana Enchiladas
Chocolate Banana Oatmeal Porridge
Banana Oatmeal Crumb Cake
Banana Raisin Cake
Homemade Banana Pudding Pie
Banana Cream Cheese Pie
Creamy Banana Bread
Sarah’s Banana Bread Muffins
Choice Apple and Banana Muffins

And a Whole Lot More

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