ANAND BHATT’s ROCK STAR RECIPES – Everyone is always asking Anand Bhatt what he’s eating, whether it be on the road, at home or in a restaurant.

“What is the secret to your well-being?” “What the $@&! are you eating now?” These are only some of the reactions and responses to Anand’s eating choices.

Gone are the days of having Jack Daniels for breakfast. Today’s rock star requires the ability to be healthy, stay awake and alert for days, the ability to sleep whenever (and sometimes on a bus or airplane), and all without the use of drugs and medication.

The careless lifestyles of David Lee Roth and Mick Jagger yield a liver damaged, fast-food cracked, out of shape rocker that can’t handle the 24/7 lifestyle and demands of today’s celebrity.

Anand Bhatt thankfully reveals to us in this book his recipes and food and shopping selections that not only keep him healthy, give him control over his body and mind, but also provide the hedonistic taste for pleasure that every rock star
demands! And if it’s good enough for a rock star, it definitely works for the rest of us!

“The Dog and the Wolf”

A gaunt Wolf was almost dead with hunger when he happened to meet a House-dog who was passing by.

“Ah, Cousin,” said the Dog. “I knew how it would be; your irregular life will soon be the ruin of you. Why do you not work steadily as I do, and get your food regularly given to you?”

“I would have no objection,” said the Wolf, “if I could only get a place.”

“I will easily arrange that for you,” said the Dog; “come with me to my master and you shall share my work.”

So, the Wolf and the Dog went towards the town together. On the way there the Wolf noticed that the hair on a certain part of the Dog’s neck was very much worn away, so he asked him how that had come about.

“Oh, it is nothing,” said the Dog. “That is only the place where the collar is put on at night to keep me chained up; it chafes a bit, but one soon gets used to it.”

“Is that all?” said the Wolf. “Then good-bye to you, Master Dog.”

Better to starve free than be a fat slave.”
– Aesop


It’s true that entertainers are subjected to a life defined as feast or famine. When we’re first starting out it’s quite literal and after success has hit, it rings true emotionally and physically.

The ups and downs are part of the excitement of the fast-paced life, whether you’re a rock star, a CEO, a parent, or a student. They are also the reasons why our physical and emotional health can be so important in order to not spiral out of control.

A daily dose of the drive-through just doesn’t cut it for us no matter how “easy” the option looks. The foods that we accept as part of our daily lives without question only appear to give us freedom of choice through ease of consumption, but in reality, they keep us on a short leash of health problems, body image and self-esteem problems, and sometimes indirect economic problems.

Rock stars, in pure alpha fashion, have an inability to handle authority. All though I often admire those that are comfortable being told what to do without flinching, I assure you that it’s sometimes OK to bite the hand that feeds us in order to learn how to feed ourselves.

We’re told what food should and shouldn’t be defined as, and what is and what is not good for us. We are forced to accept these notions without consulting our own thoughts mostly in part due to our nagging feelings that our days are too busy in order to think about such things.

“I don’t have time to read the labels on boxes when grocery shopping,” a friend once said to me. He’s at least 30 pounds overweight, has self-esteem issues, anxiety, insomnia and regularity problems, and sexual dysfunction.

His pantry is full of items that which if he had read the labels he wouldn’t feed to his cat. The truth is we DO have choices beyond what we see directly in front of us, an unlimited amount actually.

Imagination and open-mindedness to what may initially seem unusual are the only traits required to prevent emotional and physical burnout.

People are always asking me what I’m going to eat today, as if it’s some sort of exciting mystery. I suppose if I compare it to the everyday meat+potatoes flavorless diet that is in front of us at every turn, then what I eat is quite wild. You’ll see, however, after reading or skimming through this book that my recipes & choices aren’t as outrageous as they seem on the surface.



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