Business Blogging Answered

Business Blogging Answered

Business Blogging AnsweredChapter 1: “I Thought Blogs Were on Their Way Out” Starting an online business? A wise word of caution and advice for you: Don’t overlook blogs and blogging. 

At one time, blogs were considered the cutting edge of social media, but of late they’ve become almost blasé. After all,  everyone’s doing it. Because everyone’s doing it, can blogging really be all that effective? How can one blog make a difference in a vast ocean of blogs on the Internet?

Statistics show there are 70 million WordPress blogs worldwide.1 Notice that’s WordPress blogs only, which doesn’t take into account other blog platforms such as Blogger. Seventy million is a lot of blogs!

Such statistics can be discouraging. You may be thinking, “What’s the use? Anything I submit will just get lost among so many others.” If this describes your opinion of blogs, you may be missing an integral component of your online business-building toolkit.

It’s not a matter of your blog competing with millions of others; it’s a matter of understanding how a blog site can work in your favor to increase your online exposure, build your personal brand, and grow your business.

Blogs are Unique

Keep in mind that blogs are quite unique in that they differ from your web site, your newsletters, bulk emails, and discussion forums. A blog can reach out to prospective clients and communicate with them in a friendly voice that is distinctively yours.

Blogs Provide Unique Content Which is the Heart of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In order to be successful, online entrepreneurs must be seen. If  your business URL shows up on page four or five of a search-engine search, it’s lost to the world. One of the best methods to increase ranking is to have your business name, your business  site, your business entity enhanced with unique content.

(In this case unique content simply means it’s not made up of blocks of cookie-cutter information.) While this content can refer to the website itself, one of the more effective means of adding unique content is through regular, consistent blogging.

Early on in the social media era, the practice of “stuffing” websites and blogs with duplicate content and keywords was rampant. The idea was to try to trick the search engines in order to gain those high rankings. But those days are over.

An increase in ever-developing technology means that today’s search engines are too sophisticated to be fooled. This is a good thing because it weeded out those who wanted to take the shortcut – the easy way – to online recognition. It cleared the way for those whose intent is to build an authentic business presence. Hopefully, that includes you!

Blogs Increase SEO Ranking for Your Business Website

The technique of partnering a blog with a business website will always be a winner for an online business. Because a well-written, well-maintained blog is always changing and growing, it serves as a catalyst for increased SEO ranking.

Another technique for increasing ranking is to feature targeted keywords within your blogs. These specific keywords will be the few keywords which visitors search out to ultimately reach your blog. The more targeted your keywords, the greater your chance of high rankings.

Blogs Can Capture Contact Information and Build a Following

Most blog platforms (more about specific blog platform choices later) allow the capability of a web form to be placed on your blog page. If a visitor is interested in a particular business offer, they are invited to leave contact information in order to receive the offer. (Such as a free informational e-book.)

As visitors leave contact information, you are now making a contact list. The larger, more targeted your contact list, the more receptive will be your following. When you contact them with a special sale, or new products, these followers are much more likely to purchase from you.

Blogs Can Be Monetized

There are many ways in which a blog can be monetized. If you were thinking of your blog only as a way to get your information out to the public – start thinking outside that narrow box.

As you create a wide audience in your particular niche, it is possible that a sponsor might be interested in your following. That sponsor would then underwrite the blog expenses. Many companies have done this to build brand awareness and promote their products.

Ads can be included on your blog. These might include text links, banner ads, or promotions for affiliate programs. Affiliate programs might include Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, eBay Affiliates and Pay-Per-Post.

As a blogger, you can sell your own electronic products such as e-books and special reports. There are also opportunities to make money by reviewing products, events, and other businesses.

Blogs Enhance Online Presence; Establish You as Expert in Your Niche

Blogs can be an amazing catalyst for showcasing you and your information. It matters little what niche you are in, providing consistent unique, value laden content in your blog will draw visitors to your site and build your following.

Because you are providing information people are looking for, you will become established as the go-to person in your particular niche.

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