Viral Internet Marketing Made Easy

Viral Internet Marketing Made Easy

How to Make Money Online By List Building

Viral Internet Marketing Made Easy – This report has one sole focus in mind, You! Yes… You! The fact, that you’re reading this report means you’ve invested in your success online. We created this report to provide value to you and to teach the best way we know possible for you to make money online, which is making a list!

Though, we will not guarantee you a million dollars by tomorrow evening after you’ve implemented this. We assure you that if you take action on what you’ve learned then you might just get it – the knowledge, I mean, necessary to make your Million Dollar success online possible!

If others were able to do it.. Why not You?

I know this maybe the millionth course you’ve tried about making money online. Nothing to be ashamed of, because we’ve all been there jumping from one Internet Marketing course to another. Knowledge is power, and so it doesn’t hurt to add more knowledge to your arsenal.

But unless you decide to switch from becoming a LEARNER to a DOER. You will never achieve what the DOERs in the industry have already achieved!

So, I encourage you to do yourself a favor. Promise yourself that that day would be TODAY, and YOU might just become the next online success!

It’s no longer a secret in the Internet Marketing world that the best way to make Money online is by building a list.

Hence, you often hear the phrase, “The Money Is In The List.”

And in order to do this, the formula has always been the same.

1. Create a compelling offer or an ethical bribe that provides value to your desired audience / niche.

2. Promote this offer using a squeeze page and give it away in exchange for their email.

3. Drive targeted traffic to your squeeze page hoping it would convert to subscribers.

These are the most basic fundamentals in building a list.

But the problem is, even though most marketers already know these things. They struggle to TAKE ACTION. Because some where along the way they got stuck up with either one of these steps.

And I can’t blame them, for I know for a fact that setting up your very own highly profitable sales funnel can be a pretty daunting task that requires a considerable amount of upfront investment to make it work.

Not to mention, the rigorous amount of time and money to test if your offer is converting and see if it gives you acceptable return of investment (R.O.I) in the long run.

The good news is, we no longer need to reinvent the wheel…

Because there are already these internet marketers who were ahead of us, who’ve trodden down the road, braved the path, and against all odds created and perfected the craft of building their highly profitable income generating machines.

And the best part, they are allowing us to use them!

So, in this report I’ve selected the 4 best sales funnels you can use and promote right away to build your list with the minimum amount of investment possible.

You can literarily build your list in less than an hour after reading this by setting up ANY one of these completely Done-For-You money getting funnels.

All of these sales funnels I identified in this report falls into mostly (if not ALL) of these criteria:

• Done-For-You: Nothing to be done on your part. All the essential parts of the sales funnel has been created. The least thing you need to do is install your auto-responder to collect the leads and drive traffic to your sales funnels.

• Fully-Hosted: No need to pay for expensive hosting EVERY month! This alone could save you thousands of dollars every year. Not to mention, save you the headache of learning how to host and install your own squeeze pages to your web hosting.

• Virality Element: Not all sales funnels were created equal, these sales funnels were intelligently crafted to leverage other peoples traffic to your advantage, as they have the tendency to go viral! You can literally make other people build your list for you!

• Profitable Back-end: These sales funnels not only build your list, but put money to your pockets as well! They’re already integrated with highly relevant offers, that allows you to earn while building your list!

• Autopilot Income Machines: Last, these sales funnels generates legit passive recurring commissions every month in pure autopilot. Promote once, and earn multiple times with these passive income generating machines.

So, what are these funnels? We’ll find out on the next chapter.

So, let’s begin…

The Viral Funnels

Viral Funnel #1 List Spark

There’s a special reason why I placed this Viral Funnel on the first spot. And the reason is, it just works! Plus, it embodies the very definition of a Viral Funnel!

How It Works:

Every subscriber you get will give you 5 more leads in exchange of being able to use your squeeze page to build their list.

By upgrading to the PRO version, you get a chance to earn up to $18 of Recurring commissions for every subscriber that upgrades in your down line!

What I Like:

• It’s completely free to start with, and its FREE forever… Unless you decide to upgrade to the Pro Version, which has its own perks.

• Very professional looking squeeze pages that have been proven and tested for high conversions. As of this writing, there are 6 of them to choose from.

• It comes with SUPER EASY to follow step by step video guide. I’m not kidding! Complete with video tutorials on how to promote your funnels and get traffic!

• The Pro Version gives you daily Done-For-You Power Emails you can Copy and Paste to promote high quality offers to your list. (This feature alone is worth the monthly fee that you are paying for the upgrade! I use them all the time!)

Things To Consider:

• Honestly, I can’t think of anything bad to say about this funnel other than the fact that your first 5 subscribers will go directly to the list of your sponsor.

• However, this can easily be solved by upgrading to the Pro  Version.

How To Setup Your Funnel:

• To setup, all you need is to subscribe to the List Spark funnel.

• After confirming, you will be directed to a special offer. This is your chance to upgrade to the Pro Version.

• After that you will receive your login details through your email. Use that to login to your List Spark account.

• Once inside, just follow the step-by-step video guide on how to set up your sales funnels and integrate your autoresponder.

• I also advise that you learn how to set up your tracking links to your pages.

• Finally, just watch the training videos on how to promote and get traffic to your squeeze pages!


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