How to be Alone but Not Lonely

How to be Alone but Not Lonely

How to be Alone but Not Lonely Is it a good thing or a bad thing to be alone?

Opinion seems to be divided. Some experts argue that loneliness is a modern social problem comparable with smoking in its negative effects on our health, whilst others argue that solitude is good for us and we should seek more of it in our lives, especially in the fast-paced, people-packed modern world.

Things are clearly a bit more complicated than this, and this  booklet explores what it means to be alone in modern society, including the problems of loneliness, the useful possibilities of solitude and the influence modern society has on both these things.

Ultimately, it provides some practical ideas on how to both reduce our loneliness and explore the benefits of solitude (if we want to).

There seems to be a significant difference between solitude and loneliness – and perhaps the two states can be distinguished as follows: solitude is a voluntary state, brought about by a choice to be alone, whereas loneliness is a negative state we haven’t chosen to be in, where we feel alone and isolated.

And it’s often ‘feel alone’ rather than ‘are alone’ as loneliness is more complex than just actually being alone. For many people, loneliness could simply be a feeling of being alone and isolated in the world – even if they have a rich social life and many friends.

This distinction between ‘feeling alone’ and ‘being alone’ will be important towards the end of the booklet when we start looking at some of the ways we can overcome loneliness – as many people not only need to deal with the practical situation of being
alone, but also the (perhaps more troublesome) psychological side of feeling alone – no matter how much we surround ourselves with people.

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