Canadian Bacon Now an American Favorite

Canadian Bacon Now an American Favorite

Canadian Bacon Now an American Favorite the phrase “pass the bacon” is beginning to have a more nutritious meaning for millions of health-conscious Americans incorporating Canadian bacon into their diets.

Best known as an ingredient in Eggs Benedict, Canadian bacon’s recent rise in popularity stems from the low-carbohydrate diet craze. Although carb counting is no longer as fashionable, Canadian bacon remains a healthy cooking option because it’s low in fat and high in protein.

With “bacon” in its name, consumers often confuse Canadian bacon with traditional American bacon, according to Philip Jones, president of Jones Dairy Farm, a leading U.S. producer of Canadian bacon.

However, unlike its fatty American counterpart, Canadian bacon is a lean smoked meat made from the tender pork loin. It’s precooked and has an appearance and flavor more similar to ham.

Jones points out an important difference between Canadian bacon and Canadian-style bacon.

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