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Pioneer vs Sony Car Stereo

Sony is big, commands respect, and of course you bet, well represented and respected. With its brand name Ubiquitous, Sony slogan is in every electronic consumer lips. The Sony made brands range from the -Aibo, you guessed right!! To the play station and the Vaio. Sony is a power innovator who have excelled in every consumer electronic under the sky.

The Tokyo based Pioneer and Sony Corporation, is a world leader in the manufacture of video, audio, information technology and communications products both for professional and consumer markets. Speak of Sony in motion picture, Sony in music, Sony in computer entertainment, and even Sony in E-commerce, all of which shape the comprehensive list of entertainment companies that make Sony such a giant to reckon in the world.

No wonder, it is not astonishing to discover that Sony Car Stereo is a well-known product in the auto audio market. Sony introduced their newest carrier car stereos audio product in 1995, the Sony Auto Stereo from the Xplod family series comes equipped with subwoofers, amplifiers, CD changers and other accessories making it extraordinary, in both functionality and aesthetic values.

The best head set unit in the Sony Xplod family series of Car Stereo is unmistakably the CDX – M9900 CD changer/ Receiver and Controller with MP3 Player, which comes equipped with the features below:

– Power Compliant CEA-2006.

– External Source Playback Video Input.

– 4-voltage F/R/Sub Pre-outs w/HPF & LPF

– 32,000+ colored TFT display

– High Power (52W x 4)

– CD Text, CD/MD Control,

– D/A Converter(1-bit)

– 120db S/N Ratio (Drive-S).

– (XM Ready).


– (Auxiliary Input parts)

– 18FM+ & 12AM presets with SSIR-EXA tuner,

– (Plus, Red Key illumination)

– Wireless rotary remote (RM-X6s)- optional.

– Wired rotary remote (RM-X45s)- Optional

– Provided wireless remote card (RM-X145A)

This Sony Auto Stereo works even better when installed with the following complement items from the same Xplod family series:

Sony Car stereo Model XS – V6941H with “6 x 9” – way speakers.

– Surround Stroke stabilizer

– Cone Mid “2-5/8”

– Cone Mid “6 x 9”

– (100W RMS) 400W Peak Power

– Durable and adaptable set up Options

Sony Car Stereo with XS-L102P5 10″ Subwoofer:

– Polypropylene Cone-10″

– (330W RMS) 1200W Peak Power

– Special cone design provides exceptional rigidity

– Binding Posts gold-plated

– Optimized Small sealed/band pass enclosure.

– Voice Coil (4-Ohm)

– Subwoofer Parameters -2005

Sony Car Stereo with XM-2100GTX 2/1 cable Channel Amplifier:

– Max Power “600W”

– 20Hz-20kHz @ 0.04% THD 100W x 2 RMS to four ohms,

– 20Hz-20kHz at 0.1% THD 250W times 1 RMS into four ohms,

– Power Compliant (CEA-2006)

– “Variable 50 to 300 Hz lower filter pass

– 40+ Hz EQ booster. – MOSFET power supply

-Speaker level inputs & RCA.

Like most audio carmakers, this Sony Car Stereo also gives you some video playing compatible units like DVDs and VCDs. Another extra dream system from the Sony Stereo for Car series is undoubtedly the MV- 900sds portable DVD Dream System unit.

– In-built Stereo Speakers

– AV Input/Output.

– Dolby Digital®, & dts®) Optical Digital Output

– Wireless headphones IR transmitter

– Wireless headphone- 2 sets included.

– Remote wireless card included.

– In-built wired FM modulator

– Display image, reversible.

– Slot-load capable DVD Mechanism

– Branded Memory Stick® media for JPEG, MPEG, MP3 playback.

– TFT display 9″ wide screen with swivel function

– /CD-R/ DVD/RW/VCD/ & MP3 Playback feature.

The encasement for this amazing unit has a metallic grey finish, ideally attached to the vehicle ceiling.

It is also worth noting that many enthusiasts incorporate the Sony play station with their Sony Stereos for Car, something that may explain why Sony Automotive Stereo system has developed quite a following.

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