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Cooking Mastery America’s Home Cooking

Cooking Mastery America’s Home Cooking: The Television Program 

Cooking Mastery America’s Home Cooking: The Television Program – America’s Home Cooking is indeed a great show, elaborating simple recipes for America’s daily lives. Chris Fennimore created this television show presenting many facets of American cooking. Currently the show contains five installments:

1. Crock-pot cooking
2. Cookies
3. Comfort food
4. Italian cooking
5. Potatoes

As for now, there is no information about the potatoes section of America’s Home Cooking.

1. Crock-Pot Cooking

Crock-pot cooking goes much in tandem with America’s daily cooking. Using crock-pots or slow cookers, the person can look around for other errands and yet cook awesome dishes.

Chris Fennimore shows how individuals are making more & more use of casseroles. He also focuses on varied add-ons like side dishes, appetizers, main dishes, and desserts. Crock-pot not only saves time but also cooks a ple6thora of food items. Chris Fennimore detailed the recipes of 4 hot choices that are:

i. Wedding Soup
ii. Spinach Casserole
iii. Liquid Lasagna, and
iv. Apple Crisp

2. Cookies

This is quite a strength of the show. The television program focuses most of all on the cookies rather than the other sweet items like desserts, ice creams, cakes and pies. The show presents information on different types of toppings, frostings, fillings, etc. to team up with the various cookies.

This culminates in endless delicious, sweet delicacies. In this installment of the show, Host Fennimore offers numerous specialties as well, for instance Ethnic Greek Cookies, Snickers Bar Cookies, and a Vienna Tart.

3. Comfort Foods

American daily cooking surely loves comfort foods. The people here distinguish comfort foods majorly in 4 chunks:

i. Soups and Stews
These choices satisfy your appetite. They warm your heart and are soothing to the soul.

ii. Classic Favorites
Another category of comfort food group takes you back to your childhood. These include several the all-time favorites of American kids like spaghetti or meatloaf and meatballs.

iii. Ethnic Heritage
This category connects the American individuals back to their lost generations.

iv. The Indulgent Foods
The indulgent food category enlists a platter topped with sweets and desserts like cheesecake. In this category, Host Chris Fennimore, details the recipes of items like pasta with fried zucchini; spicy turkey and black bean chili; classic meatloaf and gravy; dumplings; a peach dessert called peaches and cream; toffee coffee cake, etc.

4. Italian Food

America has a very blended culture and so are its taste buds changing. America’s Home Cooking in this section offers tips, tricks and recipes to merge Italian delicacies with the traditional American recipes. Chris Fennimore here explains the recipes of hot favorite dishes like:

Chicken cacciatore.
Pasta with puttanesca sauce.
Heart healthy alfredo sauce.
Stuffed artichokes.
A traditional Italian casserole called Tiela.
Baked eggplant.

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