Adoption Agencies

Adoption Agencies

Adoption Agencies Finding the right adoption agency could be an arduous task. There are several places to look and find the best resources to help prospective adoptive parents make the right decision… (“Adoption Made Easy by Max Diamond – Issuu”)

There comes a time when a person decides they want to adopt a child. However, a person may be confused about where to look. Parents can try private adoption, which means searching on their own. (“Finding Adoption Agencies – 4 Excellent Sources”) However, the trendy way is through an adoption agency.

Adoption agencies are home to a wealth of information that one might not be able to get on their own. Just calling a random company is not going to work though. Research different companies, find one with a good reputation and one that works well with its clients. (“Finding Adoption Agencies – 4 Excellent Sources”)

Adoption agencies can tell you how many children are available in certain areas and the requirements for adopting children. The agencies also aid in every aspect of adoption from filling out paperwork to finding the right child and finally getting to meet that special person. (“Finding Adoption Agencies – 4 Excellent Sources”)

  1. Government Agencies: If you want to go through an adoption agency, there are several places to look. (“Finding Adoption Agencies – 4 Excellent Sources”) One of the first phone calls should be to a local or state government agency such as child welfare or social services. These government agencies should be able to provide you with a list of local adoption agencies as well as any information you might need. They might be able to send you a pamphlet or other material that could prove useful in your search for an adoption agency. (“Finding Adoption Agencies – 4 Excellent Sources”)
  2. The Internet: The Internet is a valuable resource for finding adoption agencies. A quick search in any search engine will provide you with local and national directories of adoption agencies. It will also guide you to websites to find more information about the process. While on the Internet, check message boards and forums about adoption. (“Finding Adoption Agencies – 4 Excellent Sources”) There are online communities dedicated to adoption. You can post a message or contact parents through email about the adoption agency they used. This way you get opinions and insight on how adoption agencies oversee their clients. You can find a wealth of information this about local and adoptions in foreign countries. (“Finding Adoption Agencies – 4 Excellent Sources”)
  3. Phone book: You can try cold calling adoption agencies straight out of the phone book. “Check under the yellow pages for adoption or social services.” (“Finding Adoption Agencies – 4 Excellent Sources”) This should lead you in the right direction. It may seem like a crude way of doing things, but before the Internet this was how things got done. Give the adoption agency a call and ask if you can talk to parents who have been through the process. They might set you up with people who understand your plight. The adoptive parents can give you inside information and explain how the adoption process works. They can tell you about the agency you are considering and any pitfalls to consider. (“Finding Adoption Agencies – 4 Excellent Sources”)
  4. Community Groups / Churches: Another way to search for an adoption agency is to check with community groups or churches to see if there is a support group for adoptive parents. The group people will provide thoughtful and honest experiences. In the case of the parents given to you by the adoption agency, you will get someone who is 100 percent happy with the company. It is in the agency’s best interest to send you them. By finding the parents on your own, you will get candid accounts of what to expect during and after the process. These people could offer a ton of information and you may end up joining the group in the future. (“Finding Adoption Agencies – 4 Excellent Sources”)

There are so many ways to find an adoption agency. Just choose the one that is best for you. Do not stop looking until you find the perfect one because this is a wonderful life decision.


Choosing the Right Adoption Agency and What to Expect


Picking an adoption agency can be tricky. Get opinions about different agencies and ask up front about any hidden fees. (“Adoption Made Easy by Max Diamond – Issuu”)

When choosing to adopt a child, the first decision a person must make is the course to take. (“How to adopt a child from another country: Choosing the …”) Should you pick an adoption agency or strive out on your own? There are advantages to looking on your own, but there are also downfalls to this as the search is more difficult this way. Using an agency makes this part of the process easier, but there are things prospective parents should know before stepping into the adoption agency’s office. (“Adoption Made Easy by Max Diamond – Issuu”)

The first step is finding a good, reputable adoption agency. Finding an agency is difficult but there are resources available to help. There are directories available on the Internet that will lead clients to local and international adoption agencies. Search these first and try to find testimonials about the agencies. Get as many opinions about different adoption agencies as possible. (“Adoption Made Easy by Max Diamond – Issuu”) It is important to know what you are getting into.

The next step and most important thing to do is research the company you plan to deal with. This cannot be stressed enough because you do not want to get any rude surprises during the adoption process. “Talk to former clients, call government agencies to see if there have been any reports and ask around.” (“Adoption Made Easy by Max Diamond – Issuu”) An adoption agency’s reputation will say a lot about them. Finding a reputable company will make the process that much easier.

Once you have done the research, it does not get any easier. The next decision is whether to use a public or private agency. Public agencies are funded with tax money and usually focus on placing foster children (wards of the state) in permanent homes. These are usually older children who have bounced around foster homes most of their life. (“Adoption Made Easy by Max Diamond – Issuu”)

Private companies run private adoption agencies. “These companies provide a wealth of services such as counseling, matching prospective children and more.” (“Adoption Made Easy by Max Diamond – Issuu”) However, this type of service does not come cheap. “Adoptions through private adoption agencies can run from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.” (“Adoption Made Easy by Max Diamond – Issuu”)

One must be careful thought about the cost of adoption. When meeting with an agency ask about costs on all aspects. There is usually a fee to get the process started, but some companies charge extra along the way. Get the pricing up front and know what you are getting into. (“Adoption Made Easy by Max Diamond – Issuu”) Therefore, researching companies is so important.

There are some companies that help in paying for the adoption such as staggered payments. Ask about this as well and check with local government agencies to see if there are any grants or financial assistance available. (“Adoption Made Easy by Max Diamond – Issuu”)

If there is a certain type of child you want, check with different adoption agencies. There are specialty agencies out there that could suit your needs. (“Adoption Made Easy by Max Diamond – Issuu”) You want a Vietnamese baby and want to give a home to a child with a disability, there are agencies out there that specialize in these types of adoptions. “They will have better insight in what needs to get done and are familiar with all the paperwork and issues that come with getting these types of children.” (“Adoption Made Easy by Max Diamond – Issuu”)

Finding the right adoption agency is difficult. “Be well informed and take time before making a final decision on an adoption agency.” (“Adoption Made Easy by Max Diamond – Issuu”) It will be well worth the wait in the end.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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