Tue. Mar 7th, 2023

Agriculture was the prime reason for the development of ATVs; it was used for hauling the equipment and traveling in the farms. It has now become a phenomenon amongst the youth. They are using ATVs for racing also. The excitement provided by an ATV is unbeatable, that too in a vast terrain that is waiting to be explored. Riding an ATV is an impressive activity that gives lot of enjoyment for the riders.

There is equal amount of danger lurking too, especially for children. Even for adults, when they lose control of the ATV, it is too dangerous. Moreover, the kids have very less experience in driving an ATV when compared to an adult. It is important that the kids follow the safety rules before they start riding, to avoid any injury.

It is important that the children respect ATVs and not toy around with it, and it must be operated with a lot of care. Children must never ride them in the absence of any adults, or in the lack of supervision. It is important to educate the kids about the consequences and the injuries that can take place in playing around with an ATV.

The foremost thing that must be done before the kids start managing the ATVs is attending the safety course offered by ASI. Most of the state’s press on the issue that any rider below 16 needs to take compulsory safety training course before starting off legally. It is important that you go with your child to the training course, so that you can impose the rules properly on the kids.

Another factor is the size of the ATV, your child needs to take on the right ATV to feel comfortable. Adult sized ATVs are meant for adults and are too large for the kids to maneuver it. The chances of injuring himself increase in such a case. Go for the youth sized ATVs in case you are planning to get one for your kid. The engine size is another factor to be kept in mind. Larger the engine size, harder is the task of maneuvering it, especially for a kid.

The safety gears need to be kept in mind while riding an ATV. The gloves, helmets, goggles, shirts are all important while getting on the machine to ride around. A law has been framed that a helmet should always be worn while overseeing an ATV, as it decreases the chances of getting injured. All the safety gears must suit your kid, and he should feel comfortable wearing them.

It is important to check the ATV after every use, to prevent any mishap or malfunction. Inspecting the ATV will ensure safety. It is not enough if only you know how to inspect it, teach the kid as to how he can inspect the ATV. It is important to check the ATV for breakages after every use, because the previous ride could have been rough. So, riding according to the norms, will multiply the fun, and assure safety for the kid.

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