Why Some People Dislike ATV

Summary: Not all people like ATVs or find them as interesting as the other motor sports, though many people like it, there are a few people who do not prefer ATVs, this article deals about the reasons for the same, just read on.

There have been some incomparable debates between motor sport enthusiasts who prefer riding their vehicles outside, and other nature lovers who blame these people of spoiling and crippling nature in the name of having fun. The regular argument is that the ATV riders have as much rights as the others to be riding their machines in the open areas of the states, just like anyone else.

They feel that riding the machines in open places are hampering other livelihood activities like fishing, hunting, hiking etc. They have even been blamed of harming the flood plains. Even though there are regular conflicts, the ATV riders are still looking forward to spreading this activity.

The primary justification for imposing a ban on ATV riding in several areas is the ill effect that it has on the environment. The ATVs are smoky, damn noisy, and they move the topsoil away, but these have little effects on the environment.

But it is possible to damage the environment by riding the ATV carelessly across waterways. The greatest damage done by the ATV is the hampering of the vegetation that is there in the water fed regions. The soil in the riverbank is held by these plants, so, damaging these plants will worsen the situation by letting the soil move away, which will let the water direction change and end up in flood.

This damages the bottomlands, where many animals like turkey, deer and several wild birds live. The increase in the amount of erosion is another cause of concern, erosion close to the streams is causing the sediments to get settled over the water, and this makes the situation for the tadpoles and all hard to survive.

This in turn, affects the ecosystem. This hampers the fishing industry, and other fishing opportunities. Most of this damage is caused by riding the ATV up and down the stream.

In case you are going to be riding in an area that is known for hunting, then, you sure need to take some time off to know if the animals are in season, and the consequences of riding the ATV there.

Many hunters keep cribbing that the ATV riders spoil their catch with the excessive noise that they produce from their vehicles, and that they have been waiting for ages to get a good catch one like a big turkey or a juicy deer.

The catch gets alerted with the excessive noise, and the hunters have no other option but to leave the place with no catch, for which they have been waiting even for several weeks. So, the ATV is more notorious than famous in such areas, and their presence is not appreciated by any living being.

Even though there is a lot of conflict going on between the ATV lovers and other nature enthusiasts, everyone must understand that nature must be respected. Most of the people in those areas would have ridden an ATV.

Most of the hunters would have used the ATV to cover the ground quickly and enter areas where they can catch the prey with all the ease. The turkeys and the deer might get used to the sound of an ATV. But, again, it is quite true that an ATV does do damage to the wildlife to a great extent, which is a solid reason for nature lovers to restrict ATV rides.

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