Why I Started Snowboarding Classes

Snowboarding Fun

Why I Started Snowboarding Classes

Let me tell you all about the time that I went to snowboarding classes and why I absolutely think that you should go out there and do the same. When you learn something new it provides an excellent sense of well-being and can result in many hours of fun and enjoyment that can come because of the new skill that you have attained. (“Snowboarding Sunday”)

When I was only sixteen, I really liked watching winter sports on television and although it may sound stupid, it was sledging that drove me to want to learn a winter sport. (“Snow Fun”) I always liked sledging and I even went sledging when it was not snowing.

You see, where I live it is impossible to go sledging 11 months of the year, and if we are lucky enough to have as much as a month of snow then I am always sure to take advantage of it and go out there and sledge away! That is why, coupled with my love for watching snowboarding and sledging on television, that I decided that I would go out there and learn how to snowboard. (“The Beginner’s Guide to Get Started with Snowboarding ...”)

So, you are wondering why I made the choice of snowboarding over skiing as my choice for the winter sport that I would try. (“ski vacations for you”) The main reason for this was because I have a lot of friends that do snowboarding but absolutely none that do skiing done at the local ski slope. Although they do snowboard the slope caters for both, and I suppose the decision really did come down to me. Anyway, in the end I decided to go out there and choose snowboarding and I would be lying if I said my friends were my only influence in my decision to choose the board over the ski’s. (“Snow Fun”)


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