Why I Choose Snowboarding

Why I Choose Snowboarding

Many people ask me from time to time why I choose snowboarding as the sport that I wanted to do. Why I choose to work so hard at it, and why I managed to achieve a degree of success in doing so. (“Why I Choose Snowboarding – Streetdirectory”) The answer is simple, and it is the reason many people do well at different sports. The answer is desire and love for the sport and that is what I had in abundance for snowboarding, before my accident. (“Snowboarding”)

When it came to choosing a sport, I thought long and hard when I came to a crossroad in my life. What should I do? Should I do snowboard or skateboarding?

This was hard for me as I loved both sports, but I was having to train for both, and therefore was not dedicating enough time to either. (“Snowboarding”)

“That is why when it came down to it, I decided that skateboarding was only going to be a hobby and that snowboarding was what I wanted to do with my life.” (“Why I Choose Snowboarding – Streetdirectory”)


The reasons that I preferred snowboarding were not clear cut, and to say I had anything less than love for skateboarding is also not true. But I loved the way that snowboarding was a whole different world. (“Why I Choose Snowboarding – Streetdirectory”) Do you know what I mean?

When you choose to go skateboarding you can just jump out of bed, and skateboard down to the shop, Ollie over a step and grind down a pole. Is that fun? Yes, of course it is. “But when it comes to snowboarding you are entering a completely alien environment.” (“Why I Choose Snowboarding – PositiveArticles.Com”)

Let me explain. When you live in Atlanta you hardly get snow every day of the week, nor do you get hills and slaloms caked in it! That is why, whether I am boarding on snow or synthetic snow the feeling is the same. It is like, boy I am on snow! (“Why I Choose Snowboarding – PositiveArticles.Com”)

When I choose snowboarding there was also another reason that really helped to make my mind up for me, and that was my friends! My friends who done skateboarding were not as close friends as my friends that done snowboarding and as you can imagine this had an impact. The thought of getting to spend more time with Collin, Justin and the lads was just too much to miss! (“Why I Choose Snowboarding – Streetdirectory”)

We had such a good laugh and had so much in common. We would always feel the same about snowboarding, and we were able to really help each other out on issues. When we noticed a flaw in each other’s technique we would always point it out to each other so that we could all improve together. This worked great and was one of the reasons that I chose snowboarding over skateboarding when it came down to it! (“Why I Choose Snowboarding – Streetdirectory”)

Now I suppose I should tell you the sad part – the reason I am no longer able to pursue a career in either, snowboarding or skateboarding. The reason for this is a terrible accident that ruptured my leg muscle and has resulted in a six-month time-out at such a crucial time. (“Why I Choose Snowboarding – Streetdirectory”)

You see others will improve in fitness whilst I deteriorate and that is why my sponsor has now dropped me as well. What I am hoping to do is try my best to get back into the sport, because my love for it and my ability at it should be enough to make me come through. (“Snowboarding”)

Collin and Justin are doing well, but it is hard for me to spend as much time with them when they are always down the slope or working out. One of my friends called Blair, has also recently won the Junior USA championship, and although I am happy for him it makes me sad to think that I could have been their competing for that trophy. All I can do is try my best, and hopefully luck will fall on my side. (“Adventurer’s blog,,read anything’s you want”)


Best Wishes, Coyalita

See Tomorrow: “Why I started Snowboarding Classes”

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