Understanding And Treating Autism

Understanding And Treating Autism Doctors and Diagnosing Autism 

Understanding And Treating Autism – Doctors and Diagnosing Autism Hearing your child has autism can be a heart wrenching ordeal. Your first inclination might be to get a second opinion, and no one will stop you.

However, once your child has been diagnosed with autism, instead of looking for a way out, you should begin treatment.

There are signs to look for if you think your child might suffer from autism. If you witness any problems or abnormal behavior, call your doctor.

Autism is a brain development disorder and is usually diagnosed before a child turns three years old. Here are some symptoms to look for in your child.

– If your child is showing speech regression, there might be a reason for concern. Also, if your child is taking a long time to start talking, longer than most children at that age.

– Another problem you might see is the way your child interacts with other children. Your child refuses to play with other children or doesn’t seem to respond well in social settings, you should visit a doctor to get more information.

If a doctor suspects a problem, they will perform a battery of tests. Every child is different, so one test will not show if a child has autism. Every child has different symptoms and responds to the disorder differently.

Your family doctor will do a full work up with family history. If your doctor does suspect any problems, your doctor may refer you to a specialist in autism and similar disorders to get a proper diagnosis.

A doctor will start performing auditory tests. There could be other reasons your child isn’t speaking well or not playing well. It could be due to hearing problems. There are two ways to do hearing tests.

The first way is done while a child is awake and reacts to the tones they hear. The other is done while the child is sedated, and a machine measures the brain activity to certain tones.

Blood and urine tests are usually taken as well to analyze DNA. The doctor is looking for the Fragile X syndrome, which normally shows up in children with autism. Along with DNA tests, the doctor may perform an MRI or a CAT scan to examine brain functions.

If your child is diagnosed with autism, it’s important to give your child structure. This is going to start with the doctor. Don’t drag your child around to the three or four doctors hoping the diagnosis is going to change.

Get one doctor who is going to give your child uniform treatment. This will help your child to trust other people if they see the same face all the time.

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