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Transracial Adoption

Transracial Adoption

Transracial AdoptionWhat is transracial adoption and the challenges you will face? (“Transracial Adoption – Parents Club”) What to expect and the reasons why this could be for you.

“Transracial adoption is placing a child of a different race or ethnic background with parents who are not of the same race or ethnic origin.” (“Transracial Adoption – Top Reasons to Seriously Consider It”) This is usually referring to children who are of an assorted color and race, placing them with Caucasian parents; with the knowledge that it should not have influence on the love and care they will receive from their adoptive parents.

There are many more children available of a different race and color, compared to the availability of Caucasian children. Couples wishing to adopt feel the need to reach out to any child, regardless of the color or ethnic background. There are mixed opinions on this as it is viewed that children may fare better with a family where one parent is of the same race, whilst others believe that race does not matter at all. (“Transracial Adoption – Parents Club”)

Preparing for adoption is always an important matter, but in transracial adoption there are even more concerns that you need to think about. What are your reasons for a transracial adoption – is it down to your beliefs; what are your feelings about race and different ethnic origins? (“Transracial Adoption – Parents Club”) Look at the area in which you live in, the community and in the schools. How many unfamiliar cultures are there and how are they accepted by Caucasians? “If it is widely accepted, then going ahead with a transracial adoption could be right for you.” (“Transracial Adoption – Parents Club”)

It is important that as parents you do not allow any racial or ethnic prejudice to enter your home. All your family should be supportive of your decision and be happy to continue to help your child not to forget their ethnic background. (“Transracial Adoption – Parents Club”)

You can do this by cooking traditional food and learning about the different cultures and languages. This is a huge benefit for all in acceptance. (“Transracial Adoption – Parents Club”) You should let your child that you will always love and protect no matter what prejudices they may encounter and help them to grow and love themselves. They also need to be taught how to teach others how to be more accepting, instead of starting a fight or verbal abuse.

Not all agencies are open to Transracial adoption policies, as it is a sensitive area to broach. Always find out about an agency before using them. (“Transracial Adoption – Parents Club”) In 1994 the subject of Transracial Adoption was brought out in a bill before congress. After much debate, an agreement was reached that adults from all diverse backgrounds should help all adopted children to reach their full potential in life, regardless of where they came from. (“Transracial Adoption – Parents Club”)

It was after World War 2 when transracial began due to the enormous number of children left homeless or without any family to care for them. Many American couples were family orientated so even if they had their own children, they felt they needed more to complete the family. By adopting transracially, it was accepted that the family would become a minority, being open to strange looks and remarks; some were even ostracized. (“Transracial Adoption – Parents Club”)

Research proves that children brought up in a transracial environment managed the cultural differences better than their parents. (“Transracial Adoption – Parents Club”) Parents had to work harder than parents of the same race, to make sure their children were taught about the diversity of cultures, races, and religions. They also helped to empower them to oversee social situations.

Transracial adoption can be successful, and the right family can enjoy the wonderful experience. (“Transracial Adoption – Parents Club”) All the effort is worthwhile in the end – extremely rewarding!

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