The Magic of Asking

The Magic of Asking

The Magic of Asking – Have you ever just stood there after making a presentation and hoped that the other person would buy it? If you do, you are leaving money on the table.

Discover why asking is so important. 

People say to me, Maria, I am creating brochures and I am meeting people. I am telling people about my business, and I just don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Do you have any suggestions?

When I say to them, “have you asked them to buy your product or service?” I quite often get a blank stare back at me.

“Ask??” You mean I should ask.

Yes, this is a very important part of doing business, and many people have lost sales that they would have received if they had only asked for the sale.

This is called, the close.

Some people have said, “But what if they say no?” So, what, the odds are in business that you will have more no’s than yes’s.

You see, the more that I have studied marketing, the more I see how true that is. Just consider the no’s practice on your way to a yes.

Some of the most successful marketers out there state that a 10% conversion is good. That means 90% were either not interested or were unable to purchase at this time due to a large variety of reasons.


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