“Super-Fast Product Creation”

“Super-Fast Product Creation”

“Super-Fast Product Creation” Day 1 Okay, up and at „em! Time to get started. Make sure you have 4 hours today to work on this chapter and nothing else.

It’s important to focus on this one task till the end of this chapter. Go ahead and answer your emails and do your daily routines…then come back here and be ready to get going.

Alright, you’re back! You’ve got 2 lists lying there someplace…the first was your list of ideas you had been consciously kicking around in your head…the second was the list of words, phrases, paragraphs that came out of your timed writing exercise…go get them and let’s take a look at what we have.

When you look at your first list, and then compare it to your second list, do you see any words or phrases in common? You probably won’t right off! But, look at each idea on your first list and THEN, try to apply the words from your second list to that particular idea. You’ll be surprised at what pops out at you!

Somewhere in there, you’ll run up on an idea that has a lot of interchange between the 2 lists…that’s the one your subconscious was working on hardest!

Pluck that idea out of your first list, take all of the applicable words/phrases out of your second list and set them aside. That’s probably a keeper!

You’ll find that you probably know a lot about this subject already. It may be one of your hobbies or interests or something you’ve read or heard a lot about. The fact that your subconscious has called it up says that you need to take a greater interest in it and DO something with it!

So, you’ve spent 30 minutes and come up with an idea that means something to you, personally. Whether you know it or not, you belong to a niche. That niche covers the subject of your idea. That’s pretty straightforward. But now we need to find out if there’s any money to be made in that niche.

You need to come up with one phrase…2-4 words…that sums up your idea. It may be something like, “indoor water gardens”, for example. You have to make it as clear and concise as you can. A good trick is to think of what you’d type in to the Google search bar if YOU were looking for information on the subject. That’s your keyword phrase for the next part of today’s task.

Before you spend a bunch of time writing, you need to see if anyone is even interested in your subject. The whole idea here is to make yourself some money…not just write a book!

So, your next step today is to become a private investigator…a P.I. …just like Magnum or Sam Spade! You’re going to be doing some researching online…sorry, no guns or car chases today…in the niche which covers your subject.

My good friend, John Taylor, has just written what I consider THE resource book on ways to investigate a niche in order to determine if it may be profitable or not. He really pulls out all of the stops and gives you very specific, very useful sites where you can do your research easily and quickly.

The book retails for less than $50 and is worth, at least, 20 times that in the time and effort it will save you! You really NEED to grab a copy right now since, for my readers, he’s added 2 great bonuses that build nicely upon his book to thoroughly educate you in niche research. Click Here To Check It Out.

That’s something we need to talk about right now. You ARE going to need to spend some money! Not much…but some! There are specific tools and resources you HAVE to have in order to have an ongoing e-book business.

And, that’s the whole idea here, isn’t it? Having many e-books out there selling 3-4 copies a day? THAT‟Is a TRUE business you can count on since all of your eggs aren’t in one basket.

The tools and resources I’ll be recommending are the ones I use myself every day. They save me time, effort and a TON of money! I’ve been able to arrange special pricing for my readers on most of them.

I’ll always try to offer you free alternatives whenever I can, but sometimes, that just isn’t possible, and others, the freebies just aren’t worth a darn.

I just want to be straight with you here. My goal is for YOU to have a growing and profitable online business, NOT to sell your stuff. I make my money from e-books…and I want you to be able to say the same thing one day soon!

Here are some great, free places to get started on your keyword phrase research. The easiest to use is WordTracker. It has a web based free trial that use can use over and over. The free trial doesn’t offer you the full statistics that the paid version does, but it’ll allow you to get started with your research.

Type your phrase in the text box and follow the steps to clear through. You’ll come up with a page that gives you an analysis of your phrase. To understand it, let’s hear what WordTracker has to say:

“What does it all mean? This is where you spot your niches in MSN. The figure you want to take note of is the ‘KEI Analysis’. The higher this figure, the more popular your keyword is and the less competition it has. This generally means that you will find it easier to reach the top of this keyword. Now you need to make sense of the KEI figure. Generally, a poor keyword to target will have a KEI of between 0 – 10. It’s not wise to target keywords with this KEI as there is too much competition and you will probably end up on page 34 and no-one will notice you! Good keywords to target have a KEI of between 10 – 100. These are good value bets and you have a good to medium chance of reaching the top. Between 100 – 400 are your best bets and anything above 400+ is a gift!”

The free version of WordTracker only lets you look at MSN search which only accounts for about 22% of the daily searches on the Internet. If you like what you’ve come up with, then great! If not, go back and try again by scrolling clear down to the bottom of your results page and clicking the “Give It Another Go” link.

You’ll be using something like WordTracker almost every day as you’re developing your e-books. It may pay you to buy a membership…they have several different price levels. I use mine every day at least 3 or 4 times!

Here’s a special PDF keyword research instruction booklet full of great tips and techniques that will help you a LOT with your keyword research. It’s FREE! Click Here!

To sum all of this up, you need to see if your idea is being
searched for…and if it is, how much competition is out there.

You really don’t need to worry too much about competition. I know that sounds stupid! But you really don’t! You’re going to learn a method that takes that competition and makes it work FOR you instead of against you!

So, your first day has been spent on research. You’ve found your best ideas and you discovered how often that idea is searched for each day. That’s important stuff! Tomorrow, you’ll learn how to pick-up ideas that are already out there. Then, the next day will be spent on actually writing your book and the final day You’ll learn how to put it all together and start selling!

Good work today! Get some rest and be ready to roll tomorrow!

“Super-Fast Product Creation”

Regards, Coyalita


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