“Super-Fast Product Creation”

“Super-Fast Product Creation”

“Super-Fast Product Creation”Get Set…Okay, you’re working on your stinkin‟ thinkin‟…you know that you’re already writing e-books whether you want to or not…and you’re
not quite as afraid of failing as before…that’s a pretty good start!

This chapter’s going to teach you a valuable method to get original ideas for an e-book. I learned it several years ago from my friend, Bryan Kumar, who’s a master at this. Over the years, I’ve added to Bryan’s original idea and have come up with a “sure-fire” way to get ideas out of anyone’s mind…no matter what’s going on in there!

We’ll get to this technique in a moment, but, first, let’s get the ideas you already have floating around in your brain down on paper.

Oh, you don’t write them down? I hate to say this, but… that’s just plain stupid! Any one of those ideas may well be a million-dollar idea…the one that puts you over the top…the one that changes your life forever! Those ideas of yours are valuable things, so let’s get started doing that first.

Nothing….and I mean absolutely nothing…ever truly exists until it’s been put down on paper first. Think about it! An airplane, a new car model, a building, a dam, the clothes you’re wearing right now…they all existed on paper before they existed in real life. I can’t stress this enough! Put those ideas down on paper RIGHT NOW!

Before we even get started, you HAVE to have a few blank pieces of paper right there in front of you…and a pen, not a pencil!

Now, just write those ideas floating around in your head down. They don’t have to be in any order or any format…just write them down as quickly as you can without editing them in any way. Each idea may only be a word…or it may be a whole paragraph…doesn’t matter…just get them out of there and down on paper.

At this point, you have to make yourself a solemn promise that you’ll hide these ideas away from everyone…even your wife, your best friend, everybody! It’s important that your subconscious KNOWS that no one will ever see these ideas unless you want them to.

Subconsciously, if you think someone will be reading your ideas, you’ll naturally edit your thoughts. The main reason is that you don’t want people to make fun of your ideas.

So, PROMISE yourself that these ideas are private property and that you’ll put them someplace where they‟ll never be found by anyone else. Don’t skip this step…it’s vital to being able to REALLY tap the energy of your brain.

Okay…spend a few minutes…or as much time as you
need…getting the ideas that are on the surface of your mind down on paper. Then we’ll REALLY get about the task of drilling for ideas!

Now, let’s start using the “Kumar Technique”. First of all, you’re going to HAVE to have a minimum of 30 minutes during which you won’t be disturbed by anything…anything! No phone, no IMs, no TV/radio, no people! Just yourself…alone…for 30 minutes.

So, figure out where the best place to do this is going to be for you. Then, you’re going to need to get a few supplies.

You HAVE to have a blank writing pad of some sort. Almost everybody has a yellow legal pad lying around someplace…go get it.

You’re also going to need a timer of some sort…one of those kitchen timers is great for this. You know, the type where you twist the dial and it counts off 30 minutes. Get that while you’re getting the legal pad and a PEN!

You’re probably wondering why I keep harping on using a pen, instead of a pencil, or a word processor, or your computer.

Here’s why. Your mind is pretty smart. It instinctively knows that if you use anything other than a pen, you have the option of erasing what you’re writing.

The ONLY way to get the most out of this technique is for your mind to (1) feel completely safe in spouting out what may seem to be crazy ideas…that’s why you made yourself the promise to keep your ideas private…and (2) be sure that you’re taking these ideas seriously and intend to bring them to life. If you’re using a pencil or an erasable medium, your mind knows that you can always edit things.

Okay, let’s get this out in the open right now. I know you’re probably thinking, “What a bunch of B.S. this is!”. The problem with that thought is, you’ve probably already done this exercise and never even knew it!

Have you ever awakened in the morning with a great idea…or maybe it happened in the middle of the night while you were sleeping. It happens to some people while they’re driving a long distance. An idea pops into your mind!

Where do you think that idea came from? that’s exactly what we’re going to do right now…tap your subconscious in a controlled way…a way that allows you to capture the ideas easily.

If you’re still taking this lightly, then I recommend you find out about sub-conscious writing. A good starting point is to read anything by Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down the Bones. She’s an acknowledged expert on this technique. Her teachings are used by just about every big-time author you can think of.

You CAN skip this section all together. The ideas you’ll be working with won’t be as exciting to you…as powerful to you…and, probably, not as good…but you can still use the rest of this book. I do urge you to try this method…it’s amazing how it works!

Back to the “Kumar Technique”! You’ve got a quiet place with no interruptions, a yellow legal pad, a pen and a 30-minute timer.

Find a comfortable place to sit and relax. Your first step is to breathe! That’s right, big, slow deep breathes…in through your nose and out through your mouth while you relax your body. Go ahead and start the timer now.

The next thing is to picture the most relaxing place you’ve ever been. Get the smells, the feelings, the tastes of the beach, the mountains, a fluffy bed…whatever… embedded in your mind.

Now, I just started writing! Whatever comes into your mind…write it down. Don’t think about it…don’t think about anything other than that relaxing place you’re in. The words will start to flow out onto the legal pad. Pretty soon, you won’t even know you’re writing. That’s when it REALLY gets good!

This technique works so well because you’ve done a few things here. You’ve promised to keep the ideas safe; you’ve shown that you’re taking the process seriously, you’ve pre-programmed your mind to work on the ideas you’ve already been playing around with…and then, you’ve turned your mind loose on them.

You’ll be amazed at what comes out!

The really great idea people all use some technique like this. Edison and Bell used focused naps. They‟d work like crazy on an idea and then, just take a nap! They almost always got some idea about how to proceed from that nap. That’s basically what you’re doing here.

Make a point of using this technique often, you’ll be glad you did.

Regards, Coyalita


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