Soap Making

Soap Making

71 soap recipes

Soap MakingTools for soap making. Some of the tools which will be discussed will be needed only in the manufacture of soap “from scratch”.

For making soap at home are suitable utensils and tools made of glass, plastic and stainless steel.

Pots, bowls and cups for mixing must be large enough so that you can put all the components in them and still have room for the free mixing.

Capacities where there will be an alkaline solution, should be heat resisting. All items that you use for making soap in any  case no longer use for food.

The most important tool – exact scales with divisions isn’t less 1 gram. The scales should be large enough that it could accommodate a half-liter of liquid. Fluid will be measured by weight rather than volume, to maintain measurement accuracy.

We would also need goggles, gloves and an apron to protect; hand grater for rubbing soap base or soap residue, a machine for grinding plants.


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