Snowboarding Accidents

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Snowboarding Accidents

Snowboarding accidents happen every single day and the reasons for this vary from person to person, and from accident to accident. Despite this, one thing remains prominent. Of those accidents, many of them could have been stopped with appropriate care and attention from the snowboarders involved.

Therefore, we must realize that snowboarding is a dangerous sport, and therefore health and safety should always remain an issue to any snowboarder. (“Snowboarding Accidents – Streetdirectory”)

The first thing that any snowboarder must remember is to wear appropriate protective head gear. Protective head gear may not look as cool, or even be as warm as a hat, but when it comes to going down the slopes wearing one could save your life. In 2003 15 people suffered fatal head injuries whilst snowboarding.

This number could have been reduced to zero if those fifteen people had chosen to wear a helmet whilst snowboarding. “When people go snowboarding and do not wear a helmet, they do not take precautions based on this, and are still happy to attempt stunts such as jumps, slaloms which involve dodging trees, and other activities that could not be recommended.” (“Print This Article: Snowboarding Accidents”)

People must remember that snowboarding is in the top ten most dangerous sports, and I would call on the authorities within the sport to drive even further towards excellence in health and safety. (“nosincosmetica”)

“My brother is a keen snowboarder and recently broke his leg whilst snowboarding.” (“Print This Article: Snowboarding Accidents”) Although this was not his fault, many of the complications that went along with the injury could have been avoided with due care and attention.

This includes the fact he was stranded on a slope for over 4 hours before he was noticed by a boarder who was then able to get help. But how could this have been avoided. Firstly, he should not have chosen to hit the slopes on his own.

Through doing these problems arise automatically, if you do have to go snowboarding on your own then make sure you tell people that you are away. (“Print This Article: Snowboarding Accidents”) I would also call on snowboarding facilities to keep better records of who is on the slope, and for what time. This could certainly help with many issues.

I would secondly advice and call for people to carry mobile phones with them when they go snowboarding. Even, a mobile phone on its own may not be enough if you do not have a signal or do not have any battery left in your phone. (“Print This Article: Snowboarding Accidents”)

Therefore, I advise that you ensure that your battery is always full, and that you also take appropriate care to ensure that you have a replacement SIM card. If you have a replacement SIM card that works on your phone you may be doubling the chances of you being able to contact someone if you phone does not work. (“Print This Article: Snowboarding Accidents”)

Therefore, people also choose to carry a torch, a flare, or an air horn. All of these can work in alerting people to a situation if they are near where you currently are. (“nosincosmetica”)

Health and safety are prominent issues in snowboarding and that is why we all, must be careful that we abide by them. Through choosing to take simple measure we can all choose to snowboard and enjoy ourselves at the same time. Do not make yourself another statistic. (“Print This Article: Snowboarding Accidents”)


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