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European vacation

Snow Boarding Vacation

Around a year ago I went on a snowboarding vacation to Europe and had a wonderful time. “The best part was that I went with all my friends, all of which had varied abilities in the sport.” (“Snowboarding – Blogger”) Some of my friends compete in competitions and the like, whilst others have only been on the slopes a few times in their life.

The fact is that we were all really looking forward to it, and we were all sure to enjoy ourselves whilst we were away. The fact is that we do not spend that much time together, as we all went to different colleges whilst others decided to enter the world of work and go out there and get a job. (“Snowboarding – Blogger”)

When we decided to book the holiday, I was delighted to hear that everybody was able to make it, and that everyone had promised to save up enough money to really enjoy themselves while we were away. The cost of booking the holiday worked out at around $300 for accommodation for the week as we were going to be staying at a backpacker’s location, and it was only going to cost $150 for return flights. (“Snow Boarding Vacation – Streetdirectory”)

We really felt like we had struck a bargain, and we were even more delighted when we heard that the cost of living would be cheap when we got there. We had decided to save up $1000 each, which meant that we would have more than enough spending money for when we arrived. (“My Skiing Vacation to Europe – Streetdirectory.com”)

The price being so cheap, some of my friends decided to go online and buy some equipment for the trip and that was anything from new boards to clothing. I personally never bothered, as I was currently struggling for money, surviving merely on the pay that I got for working in a local MP3 player shop. (“Snow Boarding Vacation – Streetdirectory”)

When we hit the slopes, I cannot explain how brilliant it was. “We had never had an opportunity to ride a snow board on snow, apart from one of my friends who has more of an interest in the sport than the rest of us.” (“Snow Boarding Vacation – ITSROJAK”)



We decided that would just do our own thing, please ourselves and then meet up at night. (“Snow Boarding Vacation – ITSROJAK”) This is not the way it worked out as we had such a laugh out there on the slopes.

My best friend Blair was struggling at first, so I done my best to teach him about how to manage the slopes. “After a few hours he was doing great, and even managed a nice little Ollie or two.” (“Snow Boarding Vacation – Streetdirectory”) After our hard days on the slopes, we could not wait to get home and get a shower. Although it is not cold, when your clothes get wet, it can become very tiring and you often want to get in, having a hot shower and changing your clothes.

Next thing it was time to get out there and sample the night life. This is what we had been looking forward to, we had heard wonderful things about European girls, and we were sure to enjoy ourselves getting to know the culture. We firstly went out for a meal, and we all ended up having burger and chips! Next, we went to a local club and really had a great night. This was the pattern for the rest of the week, and I can hardly say that I regret it. (“Snow Boarding Vacation – Streetdirectory”)


Best Wishes, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist

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