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Saving Money on Your Surround Sound System

Saving Money on Your Surround Sound System

Saving Money on Your Surround Sound System it is common knowledge that when you make a trip to the local electronics shop to purchase some sort of gadget or any electronic equipment be it a PDA, notebook pc, or sound surround it is out-of-date as you get it off the shelf.

Do not be surprised to find out later that something hottest and sophisticated has already been developed to replace it. If you belong to the rare species of people that can live merrily without fussing over electronic gadgetry, then I bet, you must be saving a lot of cash with your frugal lifestyle. To the shoppers of sound surround system, the most challenging part they face is of having to choose which surround system among the many displayed is ideal for them and their budget.

To simplify your search and save your head from a migraine that may strikes when you are stuck in the terrible valley of decision -AND mostly does, leave the house equipped with a couple of CDs when you go shopping for a surround system in your local electronics store. Most hyper marts and other stores of electronic goods usually have a dedicated place for display of sound surround system. This is purposely set up for you to try them. Insert your CDs in one of them and let it prove itself worth of your cash, do this in several of them while noting your favorites. When the mission is over, you will be able to figure out the surrounding system for yourself and BELIEVE ME – you will not regret your decision. I know visiting the electronics store can be REAL fun.

Trying out these surround systems in the store prior to purchase will offer you the best opportunity to decide on what elements and features you want in a surround sound system. You must have discovered from experience that the more a system is loaded with features, the higher the price it commands, so, you can save plenty of dollars by deciding what features you need and what you can do without. Do not pay more for a system just because it is loaded with features, some of which may be for aesthetic purposes than functionality. Be a smart shopper.

Noting down what features you want in a sound surround system, and the systems you like, and then conducting comparison shopping will land you in a system that will both please you and leave you with some spare change in your wallet. If you are connected to the internet, then that could be the fastest and easiest way to do it. You can try virtual window shopping in sites of well recognized electronic dealers on the wide world web, like Best Buy, Radio Shack, or Circuit City and many more and do price comparison. It is very possible to find an on-line reseller willing to give you a much better price, just remember to do a background check of their reputation first. The safest way to do on-line shopping is by using a pay friend, since you do not have to be worried of someone hacking into your bank account. Pay friend also makes it easy to dispute a charge, in case you are defrauded.

Do not just settle for the most expensive sound surround system that the market can offer, what truly matters in a system that you choose to buy is that it pleases you regardless of what someone else has. The latest technology hype is not always a reliable yardstick in measuring the quality of a system. The latest techie can be loaded with bugs remember and could leave you very unhappy and a substantial amount of dollars down the drain, so be cautious always and do your survey first.

Selecting The Right Speakers

“All home theater systems and sound surround speakers include the following types:” (“Home Theater”)

* Front left and right speakers

* Center channel speaker

* Surround speakers

* Subwoofer

These speakers work together to create the surround sound experience of a movie theater in your living room. While there are many brands and models that do an excellent job reproducing sound, you will want to be sure that the various speakers in your home theater system work well together as a cohesive unit. Check out what each speaker’s job is, and some of the things to consider before buying. (“Home Theater”)

These speakers work to deliver spectacular directional effects, like a locomotive rushing by, or a bullet zinging past. They really help put you smack dab in the center of the action. Although a 5.1-channel surround sound system, with only one pair of surround sound speakers, is the most common setup, most newer home theater receivers can power more than a single pair of surround speakers – and there are surround sound formats to match. Today, many people buy one or two additional speakers to use as “back surrounds” in a 6.1- or 7.1-channel system. The best Specifications to look for:

* Speaker type. Ideally, your surround sound speakers should have the same performance capability as your front left and right speakers, but that is not always realistic when you consider room size and space. Most people use either bookshelf or satellite speakers (when the system also has a subwoofer) for their surroundings. Both bookshelf and satellite speakers may require stand placement or wall mounting. (“Speakers 101 – Blu-ray Forum”)

* Dipole/bipole capability. “Some higher-end surround sound speakers offer a dipole/bipole switch (sometimes referred to as a “Solid/Diffuse” switch).” (“Home Theater”) These speakers feature two high frequency drivers that either fire in phase (bipole) or out of phase (dipole). “Dipole/bipole speakers take advantage of reflected sound to create a wide sound field, and they provide greater speaker placement flexibility.” (“Home Theater”)

* Placement. Correct surround sound speaker placement results in a very realistic three-dimensional sound field; incorrect surround speaker placement can leave people asking, “Are our surrounds even on?” (“Home Theater”) Check our speaker placement guide and consider where you will put your surround speakers and whether they will need to be stand-mounted, wall-mounted, or even in-wall or in-ceiling models.

* Voice-matching. Again, for the most realistic listening experience, it helps if your surround speakers are from the same “family” or series as your main and center channel speakers and have similar tonal characteristics. (“Home Theater”)

Powered subwoofer

If you are assembling a home theater, plan to include a powered subwoofer. “Many Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks provide a dedicated channel of deep bass (sometimes known as low frequency effects, or LFE).” (“Home Theater Speakers Installation [Surround Sound, Quality, Clean]”) This bass is what makes the entire soundtrack feel larger, fuller, and more lifelike – and gives special effects like thunder or explosions their window-rattling punch.

Since most speakers cannot deliver that level of bass on their own, a subwoofer is needed to ensure that your home theater system delivers crucial low-frequency impact. A subwoofer is also a wonderful way to enrich music listening – it can round out all types of music, from classical to jazz to rock to R&B. (“Home Theater”)

What to look for:

* Power. “If you have a large room (or if you just crave that serious bass content) then you should look for a sub with more watts in the built-in amp.” (“home theater tree”) Plus, the larger the driver, the deeper the bass – so go for a sub with a big 10″ or 12″ woofer cone (or a multi-woofer sub) for serious bass response.

* Placement. Low-frequency sound waves are omni-directional, so you have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to subwoofer placement. If you have a spot in your room picked out, consider the dimensions of the sub’s cabinet to make sure it will fit. (“Home Theater Speaker Shopping Advice –”) And remember that placing your sub near a wall, or, even better, in a corner, can increase bass impact noticeably.

*Video-shielding. “If you are planning to place your subwoofer anywhere near a tube TV, be certain to get a video-shielded sub.” (“Speakers 101 – Blu-ray Forum”)

“These above guides should help you decide what pair of sound surround speakers are good for your home theater system when you finally decide to join the big league of home theater owners.” (“Home Theater”)

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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