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Remote Control Cars What You Need to Know About Nitro RC Car

Remote Control Cars What You Need to Know About Nitro RC Car


Remote Control Cars What You Need to Know About Nitro RC Car After “The fast and the furious”, it has become a common misconception that you can call any speed boosting addition to your car a ‘Nitro’. As a result, many people who come across the term “Nitro RC car” are often misled to believe that it has been upgraded. (“TheRadioControlNews”)

“One can assume such a perception has come from the fact that lots think gas powered radio control cars run on actual gasoline.” (“TheRadioControlNews”) This could not be further from the truth. What Nitro car means is gas-powered remote-controlled car. This is because this kind of RC car consumes a specialized type of Nitromethane and lubricant mixture. (“TheRadioControlNews”)

So, what should you have to get started on your Nitro RC car?

  1. Experience – it is recommended you have sufficient experience in operating an electric RC car before you purchase a Nitro RC car. (“Nitro RC Car – 4 Basic Facts Before You Start This Hobby”) If you are a newcomer at RC car usage, then you will not be able to oversee a Nitro RC car. Therefore, beginners are recommended to first get electric cars before they upgrade to Nitro RC cars. (“Nitro RC Car – 4 Basic Facts Before You Start This Hobby”) Thus, they can have enough skill to be comfortable with the Nitro RC cars. (“Making your own nitro radio control car”)
  2. Interest if you are not interested in Nitro RC cars, then there is absolutely no point in pursuing the hobby. You must have a drive behind you to truly get the best from the RC car hobby. A hobby like Nitro RC car is an expensive business and nobody likes spending on something that does not give them profit. (“Nitro RC Car – 4 Basic Facts Before You Start This Hobby”) Profit here does not mean monetary gain, but to the profit of pursuing a hobby.
  3. Information– it is not beneficial to start off with the Nitro RC cars without having enough information about different things related to it. Nitro RC car racing is often tricky. Having the correct information helps you select and maintain the car of your choice and the chances of you going wrong are less. In fact, with the right information you can even profit financially from this hobby.
  4. The correct materials– you may be wondering exactly what tools you need equip your Nitro RC car with. Here is a list that can help you decide.
  5. I) Nitro RC car kit contains about everything that is required by you for building yourself a basic model of the Nitro RC car. The kit contains what is required to build the RC car itself and includes the chassis, engine, and the whole ensemble. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you stick to the instructions given in the manual that comes along with the RC kit. With progress in building the car, you might want to graduate from the standard look to your own customized look for your vehicle.
  6. ii) Fuel the fuel required, in this case Nitromethane-castor oil mix, for powering your Nitro RC car, is available in different hobby stores and shops.
  7. Remember– using gasoline to power your Nitro car is not only wrong it is also extremely dangerous. Gasoline is extremely volatile and usually fewer volatile fuels are used to power the Nitro RC car.

In fact, gasoline is so volatile that it can even make your engine explode if used. If you would like to ensure that your car lasts for a long time and is in good condition, it is advisable you use only the fuel that is recommended. With precaution you can enjoy your RC hobby for many days.


Purchasing Mini Remote-Control Helicopter for Indoor Use? Read This

I can never get tired of telling people how much fun I have had with indoor remote control mini helicopters. And the owners of these helicopters are some of the nicest and most fun-loving people in the world. On a recent tour with a group of helicopter flyers, it was the people who owned the indoor remote control mini helicopters who were the friendliest and invited all the other flyers to their houses to participate in their chaotic helicopter fight.

I cannot even begin to say how hospitable these groups of people were. I had a terrific time at their place. Luckily for me I had just purchased some mini-indoor helicopters and I was equipped to participate in the adventures. I had such a fantastic time, and we had such amazing drinks, food, and conversation that it was not long before I knew I wanted to spend a lot more time with them. And so, I started touring with the group. Now we travel around the country, flying to schools and fields and for birthdays and other private parties.

I recall having the most memorable time at a birthday party of a three-year-old where we conducted a terrific helicopter party with our most brilliantly colored helicopters. The children were having a wonderful time, laughing, and clapping tirelessly and when we did a helicopter piñata, the kids were beside themselves with excitement. “The children hit the piñata with fake helicopter blades, and on breaking, the piñata revealed a helicopter brimming with helicopter candies.” (“Purchasing Mini Remote-Control Helicopter for Indoor Use? Read This”) There was also a party at a 92-year-old who was a retired fighter pilot. He had invited all his pilot friends. He could still fly our helicopters skillfully despite his old age. It was quite impressive, and I am glad he enjoyed himself.

The helicopter-touring club is one of the most impressive things that has happened to me, and it brings me and others around me much joy. But of course, we have our difficulties and sometimes some parties don’t go right. Like this once, a bachelorette party hired us, and when we reached there, they thought we had come there for some other purpose altogether. I was shocked beyond my wits, but it happens now and then.

I guess the party planners had too much to drink or something because we only advertise ourselves as helicopter flyers and nothing else. And we are still helicopter flyers today. 14 years of challenging work later I can proudly claim that my helicopter touring company has now become an enormous success and we’re flying with great colors. And I am especially proud of my colleagues, who put in hours and hours of work to make this dream tangible. Without them this would still be an idea on paper. We started off as five and have now become two hundred but are closer than ever and often meet for an occasional dinner and fly our helicopters around. It is an unforgettable experience.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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