Pimp Up Yo’ Ride

Pimp Up Yo’ Ride

So, you have spent thousands getting your car ready for show. New paint job tricked out suspension, phat rims, you have it all. But what about on the inside? A bumping’ system can be THE difference between a cool car and a hugely impressive show winner.

While a killer system can make your car that much cooler, having a crap car stereo system can totally kill your cars coolness factor. This is never good if you have already spent a lot of money tricking out your vehicle. (“Auto and Cars Tips”) Even if you have something less than fantastically good looking, having that killer thump is guaranteed to make more people want to ride in your car. Similarly, a pathetic car stereo system can make your car have even less appeal than it does now. (“Auto and Cars Tips”)

So, What Makes a Killer Car Stereo System?

Quality and diligence sum it up. You will never be able to get the best sound out of cheap parts, and they are more prone to failing (usually at the worst possible moment) than the more expensive parts. Trivial things, like the frequency of a crossover, your EQ settings, and small variations in speaker placement can make a stark difference in the overall sound of your car stereo system. (“Driver License Practice Test Online Free”)

Listen around and see who has systems that sound good to you. If you can listen to several different systems in the same kind of car as yours, you will be able to get a much better idea of what sounds good and what does not. (“Driver License Practice Test Online Free”) But even if you are listening to different car stereo systems in different vehicles than yours, you can still get an innovative idea of what brands of gear you like and which ones to avoid because they sound like crap. Remember, whatever sounds the best to you in your car is the best for you! No one else can tell you what is sounds good, because listening is a very subjective experience. (“Driver License Practice Test Online Free”)

Car stereo expos and conventions can be another effective way of gaining listening experience, and you will usually be able to check out more different systems at one than you can find on the streets. (“Pimp Up Yo’ Ride! Why You Need A Good Car Stereo System”)

Whatever you do, unless you have a truly formidable factory car stereo system, you will want to replace that head unit and speakers. “The difference, even using factory mounting locations, can be the difference between night and day.” (“Auto and Cars Tips”) Your mids will have more punch, your highs will be clearer and brighter, and the bass will have that bone deep thump everyone loves. Adding at least one amplified subwoofer will make an enormous difference as well. You just cannot get the same bass out of a 7″ woofer as you can out of a 12″ subwoofer.

Amplifiers are the driving force behind your car stereo system. Skimping in this area is extremely dangerous, not only to your sound quality, but to your speakers as well. (“Auto and Cars Tips”) An underpowered or cheaply made amplifier is prone to what is known as clipping. Without getting too technical, what this does is send a large amount of direct current through your speaker, causing the speaker coil to overheat and melt. This leads to the infamous “blown speaker”. (“Auto and Cars Tips”)

Coil overheating is the single biggest cause of speaker failure. Putting too large of an amplifier on a speaker can cause the same thing to happen. Always match up your speakers’ power handling ratings to the output of your amplifier. (“Auto and Cars Tips”) For instance, let us say you have a 4-channel amplifier that provides one thousand watts total power. That is 250 watts per channel (1000/4), so your speakers should be capable of handling that much power, or you risk blowing them out.

Having a killer car stereo system is something you can be proud of, and dramatically increases your cars coolness factor and resale value, no matter what vehicle in which it is installed.

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