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Las Vegas is not just filled with casinos, striptease, shows, slot machines, glitz, and money. Many people still have not realized that the south of Nevada is filled with the best and is the house of some of the most exciting outdoor activity across the whole of United States.

The Meade National Park Lake is not just a place that offers a good tour of the Hoover Dam, but it is also a hotspot when boating, skiing, scuba diving is concerned. The roads that circle the lake are regularly visited by the bicyclists, motorcyclists, walkers, and runners. If you travel deep into the National Park, you hit Valley of Fire, a park that was named for its beautiful rocks and unbelievable landscape. The Red Rock Canyon Lies in the west end of Vegas.

The trails for ATV crowd here cannot be forgotten. The two major areas in the Las Vegas where all locals go for a ride are the strip that is outside the city, say a half hour drive from Vegas to the northern end of this strip that is past the Nelis Air Force Base, and the Dry Valley Lake of El Dorado.

The Nelis Dunes reached in many ways, either follow the Las Vegas Boulevard that is close to the north and well past the Vegas speedway till you hit the end of the road, and take the Apex exit and take the right from there. The dunes cannot be missed on this road stretch. The dunes lie to the immediate left of the I-15, which can be seen from the exit ramp. The trailers come here every other weekend. The kids and the adults will be riding the ATVs and other dirt bikes here.

If the Boulevard South is followed as far as it goes, then, you will end up realizing that you are moving parallel to the I-15 that proceeds towards California. That stretch of road takes you to the beds of Jean Dry Lake. This area is an open desert, where there is plenty of spots for trail riding, it takes only twenty odd minutes from this strip.

Another ATV hotspot is right outside the Vegas, the Dry Lake Valley of El Dorado. This place can be reached by taking the US 95 or by taking the Boulder Highway that is towards the south of the searchlight. The trail lies seven miles past the Casino at Railroad Pass. And there is one close to the US 93, which is the Logandale Trail System.

Any first timer to the Vegas would consider hiring one of the trail guides to look around. Most trails here are unmarked, and they are difficult to follow, in case you are not familiar with this area. Moreover, the guide will give you some support over the patches that are rough in this trail.

All the ATV people here in Las Vegas will gladly extend their help to operate the vehicle properly. The off-road vehicles here in Nevada do not require a license or a registration. But the only restriction is that the riders below 15 must take supervision from adults while riding.

And another thing is that everyone is forced to wear a headgear. The headlights need to be switched on from evening till morning.

Another precaution that has been taken to save lost ATV riders is that all ATVs must have a bright colored flag suspended from their vehicles, so that the other riders will be able to spot them in case they are lost. One must keep to the trails while riding an ATV. And operating an ATV after consuming alcohol or sedating drugs are punishable by law.


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