MD Graphics PLR

100+ Animated Graphics With 25 HTML Templates

What if You Could Make Stunning Animated Graphics by Editing One File? Now It Is Possible With Video Guides, It’s Never Been Easier!

Tired of the boring old graphic packs you can find litered all around the internet? By now you probably have hundreds of button graphics, and thousands of icons. These are all great, but you need to stand out with your graphics and it’s now possible with this hued all-new package.

ALL NEW Grab your readers attention in new effective ways!

The MD Graphics PLR pack makes it easy for you choose a graphic you like, open it up in Photoshop and edit it, save it and then embed it on your web page. With Video Guide the process is explained and made super simple for you.

Effective Headlines

Choose & edit 20 styled headlines with sub-headline that pops up after 3 seconds to increase effectiveness and capture the readers interest immediately!

Animated Ribbons 

Choose & edit 20 styled ribbon areas which included a professionally styled ribbon graphic with headline and flashing text to attract readers.’


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