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How to Save Your Relationship

How to Save Your Relationship

How to Save Your Relationship – What you need to do next! Add up your scores. This will be out of a total of 100. Please note that a score of 100 is completely unrealistic.

If you have scored 70 or more, it can be suggested that you and your partner are compatible, but may still want to look at the areas where you scored less than 7.

The aim of this exercise is not to give you an overall score of whether you should leave your relationship or not, but to give you some indication of your compatibility with one another and particular areas that you may want to investigate a bit more.

It may also give you some comfort that in some areas where you have scored more highly, then that aspect of your relationship is working well.

Take some encouragement from that. For example, maybe you have scored low on the sex question.

This is obviously an area that you can discuss with your partner and look at ways of coming to some compromise. However, at the same time, you might have scored your relationship a ‘9’ for the fun you have together and how often you laugh. You know that this is a strength in your relationship and are still compatible in that area.

It is worth letting your partner score your relationship on the same set of questions also. This will see if you are singing on the same hymn sheet and finding the same problems in your relationship.

It may be that there is an area that you find problematic in your relationship and your partner had no idea and they viewed things are being fine in that area.

It is no wonder that this would develop itself as a problem. But now your partner knows how you feel about it, you can work on this and move forward.

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