How to Save Your Relationship

How to Save Your Relationship

Unrealistic expectations of your relationship?

How to Save Your Relationship – Unrealistic expectations of your relationship? So, you’ve been together for quite some time.

When you first got together, things were so exciting and your partner paid you lots of attention and showered you with gifts and love and affection.

Things are not the same anymore. In fact, you can’t help but look around at others…couples walking down the street hand in hand, friends you know gushing about their other half, and telling you what a great relationship they have and have sex 3 times daily, happily ever after stories on film and tv….


Everyone feels like this from time to time in a relationship. It really is quite normal. Things are not going to be the same as when you first got together. In fact, things could be much better. That first flutter of giddy love and excitement does not and cannot last.

What you have could be so much more than that. Excitement does not have to go out of the window, but your relationship grows into something else. Something more. A deeper and greater understanding, respect and love for one another.

Everyone’s relationships are completely different. It is after all two different people with two different personalities. We all complement each other in different ways and what works for one relationship may not work for another.

Because we are all different. Take with a pinch of salt what others around you appear to be doing in their relationship.

No one really ever knows what goes on inside someone else’s relationship behind closed doors. Therefore, it would be ridiculous to think that someone else’s relationship is without problems and issues themselves and is better than your own.

If you hear from a friend that they are having intercourse with their partner 3 times a week and you are having sexual intercourse once every month, or every few months, or even once a year, this does not matter.

There is no ‘normal’ frequency for how often couples have sex. Love does not necessarily go hand in hand with the act of sexual intercourse.

The important thing is that you are both happy with the frequency of sex in your relationship. If you are both happy with doing it once a year, then that’s great!

Equally if one of you wants to do it every night and the other once a year, then there is a problem. You are not sexually compatible and will need to consider how you move forward with this in your relationship.

How to Save Your Relationship

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