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Etiquettes To Follow While Playing Golf – Learn To Be The Expert!

Golf Etiquettes

Etiquettes To Follow While Playing Golf – Learn to Be the Expert!

Before you start playing the golf, you must learn to master the concepts of etiquette. The rules about strokes are extremely easy to learn but it is usually more difficult for the beginners to pick up the golf etiquette which is normally not talked about. You will be able to become an expert golfer and mingle with the other players provided you learn the golf rule etiquettes.

The following will help you to understand the golf etiquette rules and enjoy your time playing the sport.

  • Try your best and do not delay other golfers. One of the important rules that should not be violated is delaying other players while on the course.
  • It is golf etiquette to let a group of other players, who are playing behind you play through, if they are playing fast when compared to your pace
  • And when there is a single player behind you group which is much larger, it is etiquette to let the single player play through since it is easy for a single player to move fast around the course when compared to a large group.
  • Always make sure that you group does not have more than six players. Al though a group of eight people is allowed, it is often difficult for large groups to move around the course in time.
  • Make sure to clear the green once you finish putting and make sure that the flagstick is always replaced.
  • Sand traps should be racked once you have finished playing it. Try your best to make sure that the bunker is in good or better condition than when you first entered it.
  • Always repair the ball marks on the green. It is a basic golf etiquette practice to mend ones owns ball marks as well as the others. In this way the greens remain undamaged.
  • Mend any divots that have been made by you in the fairway and tee box. There is always a container of sand beside golf cart or tee box. Use the sand to refill the divot. This will help the grass to grow again. If their sand, replace the divot or pat down the sand in that area.
  • It is better to start your turn of golf in the time assigned to you or on the first tee. Do not go before another set of golfers.
  • Wait and make sure that the hole is clear before hitting your shot. And moreover, before hitting the shot make sure that it is your chance in the shot routine. It is your chance to putt or hit if it is you who is far away from the hole.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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