Energy Efficient Home Ideas

Energy Efficient Home Ideas 

Energy Efficient Home IdeasYour Window Savings Consider your windows. Are they everything that they can be to you?

There is no doubt that windows in a home are necessary, but they can cost you a great deal of money when it comes to energy. The fact here is that windows allow air to pass through them easily. In effect, they can be a huge part of your energy usage.

In fact, those that have windows that do not provide a good amount of insulation can be looking at up to 35 percent of their loss to come from your windows. 35 percent of the energy that you use can be due to your windows.

Should You Replace?

To repair this problem, there are several things that you can do. First off, this is one case when you will want to carefully consider the benefits of replacing your windows. If you have older windows, it may be necessary to replace them.

Windows in a home should be replaced anywhere from every ten years to every twenty depending on the type of window and its insulation. It is not so much their age, though, as the way in which they work.

What you are looking for is a good level of protection. You want the heat to stay in during the winter months and the cold to stay out. Flip flop that for the summer months. Nevertheless, this can be hard to do for older windows.

Those that have fewer than two panes of glass should be replaced for additional energy efficiency, if your budget allows for it.

If there are cracks, breaks and other areas where the window is compromised, these too should be replaced beyond a doubt.

But, when it comes to replacing windows, it is not necessary to purchase the most expensive one out there. Because the windows in your home make up such a large, large faculty of the energy that you use, you want to purchase the highest quality, energy efficient windows that you can.

They should look the way that you want them, but it is more important to get those that will keep temperatures even throughout the home instead.

The cost of replacing windows is a large one, yet the fact is that they can save you a great deal.

It may be that you wish to wait a couple of additional months before purchasing windows and that is just fine. In the meantime, why not consider any of these other window tips to save you money?

The Candle Check

We cannot always feel or see a draft that is being caused by your window. To help you to see if there is in fact air coming through any area of your windows, use the candle check.

 Take a candle (or you can use a piece of lightweight thread if you like) to your windows. Do this on a windy day where the trees are moving.

Next, run the candle or thread along the edges and the panes. Do this slowly so as not to move the candle fire or the thread any more than necessary. Notice where the candle or thread moves. If there is movement from an area, then this is an immediate problem that should be handled.

In cases where there is movement, repair this damage right away. You are throwing away (or letting you seep out) your money.

Once you have an idea of where the problem areas with your windows actually are, you can remedy them. If you need to replace caulking around the interior or the exterior of your home’s windows, it is necessary to completely remove and clean off any remaining caulk first. A clean layer will ensure a snug fit for the new application.

Consider the weather stripping as well. You can now purchase self-stick foam as well as rolled up rubber weather stripping that can be added to virtually any window. These are simply to apply and can instantly save you countless dollars on your home’s energy bill. You can easily purchase them as well.

The Winter Plan

Let’s say that you have an old window problem in your home but cannot find the money or time to replace your current windows. You know that during the winter months that heat is escaping, what can you do?

One solution that many people turn to is that of using thin, clean plastic films to place over the window. These do quite a bit of good when they are applied correctly. Of course, you do need to ensure that you do that.

To do so, purchase these inexpensive (usually just a couple of dollars) films for the windows in your home, especially the larger ones. Most department stores will carry them in their hardware section.

The film will need to be stretched tightly over the window. Then, you will use a blow dryer to remove any wrinkles in it. Once this is done, you will simply need to use a two-sided tape to seal down the edges to keep air out.

This type of product works by keeping air from flowing into or out of the home. It is a good solution for those that cannot replace drafty windows in their home during the winter months.

Window Decoration Tips

What most of us do not realize is that our windows can allow a lot of air to escape, especially larger ones. One way that you can take energy use seriously is to ensure that the way that you decorate your windows is the best way to keep energy in.

The more layers of protection on something that is drafty or even good windows, the more air will stay out.

For example, if it is possible, install shutters on your windows for the winter months and use them. Close in the windows especially on very cold days or very windy days. This will keep the cold from getting in.

But, inside your home, you can even more layers of protection to take into consideration. First off, if you have blinds on your windows, make sure that those blinds are lying flat and they cover the entire window. In addition, the shades that you use should be pulled all the way down.

Finally, decorate your windows with drapes and curtains that are lined. These are a bit more in cost than other drapes, but they provide a great deal of energy protection to those in need. This is a great tip for those that are looking for ways to easily save money. A heavy drape covering the window can help you to save countless dollars in energy costs all winter.

Paying attention to your windows will allow you to save a great deal of money. Repair any problems that you may have as soon as possible.


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