Crushing It with YouTube

Crushing It with YouTube

Crushing It with YouTubeWhen Did It All Begin? Here are the facts about as a business and rapidly growing enterprise.

Starting in February of 2005, the site gained massive media attention and popularity, in part because it was something fresh and new. It also brought with it some controversy, as many of the more popular and successful websites do.

Time Magazine suggested it was the most popular invention during 2006. Of course, it is not to say YouTube is not without its share of controversy. Quite the opposite is true.

We’ll learn more about the ups and downs YouTube has experienced in the next.

What is important for you to know now is YouTube is a powerhouse, a weapon anyone can use to gain free publicity. It even captured the attention of industry giant Google Inc.

Google Inc. bought the company for just over $1.5
billion dollars in late 2006.

Infusing the company and website with even more capital and resources, there is almost no limit to what YouTube can do in the future, and where it will take its customers.

Be aware, we’ll use the terms YouTube and interchangeably throughout this guide. This is not because we can’t decide which is better, it just helps make the reading a tad more interesting. OK, now that you know “what” it is, I’m sure you want to know how you can jump on the bandwagon and become part of the next generation legacy YouTube has to offer, right? Here’s how…

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Crushing It with YouTube

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