Cooking Mastery President’s Day Cooking

Cooking Mastery President’s Day Cooking

Cooking Mastery President’s Day Cooking– One of America’s great national holidays has been sadly neglected, and that is President’s Day. On this annual event it is traditional to pay homage to every president of the USA and to celebrate their contributions to our lives and those before us.

However, most of us spend our day catching up on retail therapy, and can be found trawling the malls and stores of every city looking for bargains! If you wish to celebrate this eventful day in tradition style consider reversing this trend and make President’s Day a focal point on your calendar by planning an event for you, your friends and family to enjoy.

If you are wondering how to create a feast to celebrate President’s Day you could take your inspiration from America’s historical past and pay tribute to the bygone days of colonialism. The internet is a great place to source recipes that have originated from this era.

Cities such as Williamsburg and VA played an exceptional part during colonial times when America was still in its infancy, and websites referring to those cities are bound to have an abundance of information and you may find some interesting historical recipes that would be entirely appropriate for your President’s Day celebrations.

To be true to the authenticity of Colonial times you could research information about the style and manner and etiquette of those days. There is a wealth of information and many websites that focuses entirely on the customs and traditions of Colonialism.

You may also find some original Colonial recipes on those websites that could be interesting to try. There are also many recently published books that are dedicated entirely to subject of Colonial cuisine, how recipes were prepared and the etiquette required to serve them. It is surprising to note that many of these recipes have stood the test of time and remain as popular now as they were then.

Alternatively, you may prefer to prepare a more contemporary style of spread that is appealing to everyone. There is no doubt that no matter what season, month or day many Americans enjoy a good barbecue.

For those of us who endorse this sentiment then a barbecue is the ideal way to celebrate this important historical annual event.

You may think that a barbecue restricts you to only a certain type of food, for example, Hamburgers are certainly regarded as an essential element of any barbecue, and quite American. Notwithstanding that fact, nowadays many people experiment with a variety of ingredients, meats, poultry and vegetables.

If you haven’t considered it before a novel idea is to barbecue a pork tenderloin, which is a fairly typical roast for national days it also combines very well with all your other salads and sides that you would normally serve with barbecue food.

If all of the above sounds like it will put a strain on your waistline and heart then you could still enjoy the Present’s Day celebrations in a less guilty way by preparing a healthy menu which could include delicious items such as broiled fish or poultry, steamed vegetables and rice. Just use your imagination and enjoy.

However, it might be the one day that you could forget the diet and indulge in all of your favorite recipes, and, given the time of year nothing tastes better than warming vegetable soup, Virginia ham, beef stew or chicken with dumplings and don’t forget all the essential trimmings to satisfy all your winter cravings.

Although President’s Day is a time to celebrate it is also a time to reflect on what the occasion actually means and to be grateful for those who have led America in the past and present.

Whatever political leanings you have, it should be recognized that the Presidential position requires much self-sacrifice and on this day above others it is appropriate to salute President’s past and present for their dedication for the greater good of the nation.

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