Career Planning Life’s Practicalities

Career Planning Life’s Practicalities

Some of the problems that people face when changing a career are practical issues:

  • How will you finance an extended period without a job?
  • How will you get an education? Who will pay for it?
  • How will you manage your time and your family responsibilities?
  • Where can you make business contacts?

These are all crucial life issues that must be recognized and dealt with to succeed. Very few people succeed in a complete vacuum. There are other people who can become allies and those who can create obstacles in your drive to change your career. You can even sabotage yourself and not realize it until many years of what could have been fruitful work have gone by.

The career e-book gives you practical answers to life’s practical questions. While having a dream is a noble endeavor the actual execution of it requires a very firm grasp on day-to-day issues. You will find advice on how to manage your time, how to get your employer to pay for your career advancement, and how to network.


So many people have heard the importance of networking, but few practice it to make an impact on their careers. When you are faced with a job loss or a desired career change, networking is one of the most important strategies to understand and implement.

The career ebook goes over the many different areas in your life that you can network to help you achieve your goals. With the use of your career survival kit, you can start to make targeted visits to locations where professionals meet and network. You can, in some cases, even do it on company time if you are still employed.

If you are not employed, networking can become exceedingly difficult. You may feel isolated from your colleagues and the industry. You may feel embarrassed to show up without a title. You can get a lot of networking done at networking groups for the unemployed but let us face it; everyone there is typically not working. You want to be able to go to places where you can meet other people who are able to get your foot in the door to a company or position that you have targeted in your plan.

Career Coaches

Some people would prefer to hire someone who can help motivate and guide them in a career change. This is especially useful if you have been an employee all your life and never taken control of your life before. A career coach can help you adjust your mindset and project an aura of confidence. They can help you resolve obstacles that may seem daunting when faced alone. This e-book tells you what to expect from a career coach and how to maximize your results with them.

If you do not know if you can benefit from a career coach, the career e-book gives you some examples of people who can benefit from this arrangement. A career coach can be for someone who is happily employed and seeking career advancement within their company or for someone who is trying to make a career switch or start their own business.


You may find out that to fulfill your dreams, you will have to get continuing education. There are so many different teaching institutions that the choices available make it difficult to decide on where to attend. You can choose by price, but that might not give you the credentials that you need to make the career change.

You do not want to graduate only to find that you owe lots of money in student debt and have made no inroads in your efforts to fulfill your dreams. The career e-book will give you an idea of how to distinguish a good school from one that is not adequate for you. It talks about the application process and how to best get ready to apply for financial aid.


If you are employed and looking to change companies, you know the dangers of posting your resume online where a supervisor might find it. You also know how that can negatively impact your career and make you a prime candidate for a layoff. So, there are instances when you do not want to do the job search through public means. Hiring a recruiter can be a very thoughtful way of bringing confidentiality to your search and giving you more time to make sure you are meeting the other goals in your plan.

Recruitment agencies are a dime a dozen, and you want some ideas of what agencies are not only reputable but are not outright frauds. There are some dead giveaways on who to avoid as well as which might be a good match. Keep in mind that even a good recruiter cannot place someone who has let his or her skill set disintegrate. So, you will want to take any feedback on your marketability from the recruiters and use it to manage and modify your action plan.

Striking Out on Your Own

If your career goal is to strike out on your own and become an independent consultant or home business owner, then you can also benefit from this career e-book. Many of the same strategies apply to both a successful employment search as well as establishing a business. When there is a difference in strategies the career e-book clearly spells out how to modify the work plan to include the dream of business ownership.

Career Planning Made Easy

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