Canadians Adopting from the U.S.A

Canadians Adopting from the U.S.A

Canadians Adopting from the U.S.A While the US and Canada have different governments and citizenship rules being two entirely separate countries, it is not often that laws of international adoption being prevalent for Canadians adopting from the US are discussed, even as this is a definite advantage for people choosing to do so.

Geographical proximity is one of the biggest advantages that prospective parents looking to adopt from the US have for their Canadian home as they can easily conduct the search themselves besides getting to travel around the neighboring country at reasonable rates.

The modes of searching out the adoptive child include scouring personal adverts, looking through dailies detailing info given by US birth mothers and Internet searches conducted personally as well as going through a professional adoption agency.

Whether conducted personally to maintain a certain amount of privacy or through an agency, adopting from the US is not a difficult proposition for Canadian couples and details can be kept private, if so desired by the couple concerned; however, since birth mothers and Canadian adoption agencies do not work together, prospective parents may need to go through a US agency or opt for a facilitator.

A facilitator is a baby-broker and may come with prohibitive costs for their go-between work, thus they are typically the very last option for adoptive parents.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when hiring the services of a facilitator is to check for a valid license as many may be practicing this trade without one and the whole adoption procedure may be illegal in Canada as well as some parts of the US, so at the end of it all, the money, hopes and efforts spent towards adopting from the US may leave many couples disappointed.

It is recommended that when dealing with issues of adoption that are of a sensitive nature, Canadian couples utilize legal means to secure an addition to their family to avoid heartache and loss of precious resources, be it time or money.

Canadian couples looking to adopt from the U.S have the added advantage of overseeing choosing the timeline that suits them; they do need to however, complete the home study in the Canadian province of their residence as this is a rule that cannot be ignored.

It may take between 3 to 6 months to complete and once done, the adoptive Canadian parents are free to search for an available child. For the lucky few, this process takes a few months only, but it is not unusual for adopting from US to take some years too; this is because apart from the timeline and home study factor, there are other aspects of adoption that are deciding factors for the adoption process to continue smoothly.

Some of these include how finicky the adoptive parents are, the type of child they want, methods used to locate such a child and their fortune – both monetary and luck-wise.

So, we find that besides geographical nearness that makes the US a good bet for adopting, Canadians also have it good with a convenient timeline and the substantial number of birth mothers available who opt for adoption, so much so that some agencies can promise Canadian couples’ newborn babies in as little as a year’s time.

For couples that have no objections to adopting biracial children there are greater chances of seeing this wish come true even sooner than others. Of course, in the face of so many advantages, there are bound to be some drawbacks in adopting from the US too, such as a change of heart the birth mother may have about the adoption and her wanting to keep the child.

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