Buying and Selling eBooks on eBay

Buying and Selling eBooks on eBay

Buying and Selling eBook’s on eBayWhy Are eBook’s So Popular? The reason eBooks are so popular is because (in most cases) they are available to download almost instantaneously as soon as you’ve paid for them.

You can also read them (dependent on format) on a pda (personal digital assistant) as well as your laptop, PC, mobile phone and you can print them out if needed.

Hundreds if not thousands can be carried on one device and approximately 500 can be stored on a CD (in txt format). They are cheap to produce compared to paper and ink books and can be instantly copied. You can even jump straight to a certain section in the e-book using links or bookmarks (like in this e-book).

Additionally, eBooks are easily and rapidly distributed online. They are also easily updated; they do not require a second print run. All you need to do is to go into your original creation and modify the text or graphics. Because of this flexibility, ebooks can change and grow as fast as you can type.

eBooks are also immediately obtainable. You don’t have to go to a bookstore or search through endless titles at an online bookstore. All you have to do is download it from a website, and presto! It’s on your computer, ready to be read.

Ebooks are interactive. This is one of the most unique and specific qualities that eBooks offer. You can add surveys that need to be filled out, order forms for customers to purchase your products or goods, sound and video that draw your reader into the virtual world of your eBooks, even direct links to relevant sites that will expand your eBooks outward. The potential is virtually limitless.

eBooks have a particular kind of permanence that other mediums do not possess. Television shows and radio shows air once, and then may rerun a few times. eBooks remain on your computer for as long as you choose, and they can be read and reread whenever you choose to. They can even be printed out and stored on the shelves of your traditional home library.

Another wonderful quality is that eBooks have no barriers in terms of publishing. You don’t need to go through the endless process of submitting your manuscript over and over again, and then once you land an agent, having the agent submit your manuscript over and over again.

Nor do you have to shell out thousands of dollars for printing a self-published eBook. All eBooks require a writer and appropriate software.

The Complete Newbies Guide to Buying & Selling Ebooks On Ebay & The World Wide Web

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